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Alfredo Casuso

Principal, Creative Director

For the last 12 years Mr. Casuso has created dozens of signature websites, social media campaigns and design brands for projects including the Olympic Torch run in San Francisco (2008) and multiple projects for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office and the San Francisco Travel Association.

In June 2010,  Casuso traveled to China where he produced the marketing and official videos for the 30th Anniversary San Francisco/Shanghai Sister City Delegation led by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and former Mayors Willie L. Brown, Jr. and Frank Jordan.  In October 2010, he joined the board of ChinaSF and traveled again to China as part of an official delegation meeting Chinese business and governmental officials.  With offices in Beijing, Shanghai & San Francisco, ChinaSF is a public-private initiative of the San Francisco Center for Economic Development (SFCED), in close partnership with the City of San Francisco’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development (OEWD), supported by funding from private sector partners. Its goal is to attract and retain Chinese investment and business expansion into San Francisco & the Bay Area, and to also support San Francisco Bay Area businesses in their business efforts in China.

Since 1986, Casuso has been involved in the technology world, working for several software and telecommunications multinationals including several years with worldwide responsibilities for Ericsson AB. It was through this job that Casuso left his home in Spain, to live in Sweden and Austria for almost three years. In 1995, Alfredo moved to the United States, where he cofounded the fashion industry business, Charmelle, Inc. Through this experience Casuso discovered his passion for design, overseeing and designing the company’s multiple publications in addition to its corporate and e-commerce websites.

With the boom of the Internet, Casuso worked with two companies exploring new and emerging technologies in digital imaging and color correction: Xippix of San Rafael, and E-color or San Francisco. In both companies, he acted as a bridge between potential customers and the development team, in order to ensure that different software platforms would be compatible with the company’s solutions.

Through his current work as a digital and web designer, videographer/editor and Internet strategist, Casuso keeps himself updated on the latest trends in the industry. An avid computer gamer, he is constantly in touch with online communities around the world,  an experience he finds not only find enjoyable, but incredibly enriching culturally and socially.

Widely traveled, Casuso is fluent in English, Spanish, and Swedish and conversant in Portuguese, Italian, German and Mandarin.