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Beto Lopez

A photographer and videographer since his mid-teens, Beto started discovered his love of the art form with his 35mm Spiderman camera at the age of five. Having always wanted to make movies, Beto would secretly purloin his Dad’s more professional camera and make short films and document his friends dancing at school. At 18, Beto saved for a prosumer camera and started filming special events and weddings: his career was born.  Having attended Delta College and the Art Academy for motion picture studies and photography, Beto was already working on his own documentary, a project which took him all around the United States and later to international destinations. His innovative style soon got the attention of Sony USA Corporation who promptly hired him as their content producer for numerous video projects. In 2008, Beto joined the team at David Perry and Associates, Inc, working on such projects as “BatKid”, the running of the Olympic Torch, George Lucas’s Museum of Narrative Art, SuperBowl 50 and producing many iconic aerial images of San Francisco City Hall. From 2009-2013, Beto created videos and photography for Ford Motors: traveling the country in one of their prototype cars. Winning second place in a national competition, Beto’s work has been featured in a number of Ford commercials and advertisements. His work has been featured online and by CBS-5 TV. As one of his clients says: “he could fly a quadcopter through the eye of a needle.” Quite simply, he is the best in business, and completely FAA certified and trained.