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Sophia Hong

China Business Development Associate (China)

Sophia has nearly 15 years hands on experience working in targeted market development and business strategies with a profound understanding and working knowledge of both personalized B2C marketing and online B2B / B2C marketing. Sophia earned her Master’s degree in Financial Management from the University of Maryland and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the Nanjing Science and Technology University (China).

Through her many years working for both Chinese and American companies, Sophia has acquired a unique understanding of the differences and nuances of doing business on both sides of the Pacific. She is a trusted advisor and expert manager at building and fostering business relationships in China for her clients and colleagues. With a proven track recording in sourcing and building teams to execute business plans, she calls on an extensive network including top economists, think tanks, corporate contacts at the CEO level and Chinese central government officials. Most recently, Sophia has been serving as Vice CEO of Hunan Billions E-payment Company, in addition to her brand marketing consultancy and social networking site: