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Dorade Return to Blue Water

David Perry & Associates, Inc. is honored to work with author, film-maker, entrepreneur, philanthropist and political activist John D. Murphy. His latest book project, American Incendiary Populism, is a cautionary tale and call to action about the dangers posed by a second Trump Administration to the country, and the world. A founder of the University of Phoenix, Murphy served as Senior Vice President for Institutional Affairs and Academic Vice President. He was a voting shareholder member of the board and executive committee member of its publicly-traded holding company, Apollo Group, Inc. His scathing indictment of what happened to the once respected institution is chronicled in his 2013 book, Mission Forsaken: The University of Phoenix Affair with Wall Street. Murphy also founded and directed a community mental health program while an adjunct professor at San Jose State University. In 2007, he wrote and produced the award-winning film Valley of the Hearts Delight, a dramatic retelling of the notorious San Jose Brooke Hart kidnapping and subsequent lynching of two men accused of that crime.


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