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Bay to Breakers Public Safety Campaign

Bay to Breakers 2011

Bay to Breakers Public Safety Campaign


San Francisco Bay Area residents, specifically targeted to those individuals who take part in the annual Bay to Breakers foot race and engage in drunken and disorderly behaviour.


To greatly reduce the level of drunken and disorderly behaviour which has plagued the annual “Bay to Breakers” foot race in recent years.


David Perry & Associates, Inc. conceptualised, created, produced and distributed the “We’re Serious” public safety campaign: echoing the message from the “Bay to Breakers” producers and the City & County of San Francisco. DP&A, Inc. was invited to initiate and oversee this initiative based on their ongoing success with a similar campaign to decrease violence at the City’s annual Halloween events.

DP&A produced a series of video Public Service Announcements, and secured pro-bono production and distribution from local Bay Area TV station KRON-4. Additionally, DP&A created and maintained the campaign’s website at and created and coordinated an ad campaign on Facebook to reach the campaign’s target marketing, resulting in 400,000 ad impressions over a two-week period.

Finally, David Perry served as spokesperson for the “We’re Serious” campaign, and secured more than 200 articles and TV / radio stories about the campaign resulting in a total viewership/readership of more than 10 million. FOn the the Day of the Race, DP&A monitored press and social media feeds and engaged in proactive countering of negative messages on Twitter and Facebook generated by campaign opposition.


The most successful “Bay To Breakers” in recent memory, with no incidents of violence and a dramatic decrease in public drunkenness and nuisance behavior. San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee called the campaign “a success” and local media including the San Francisco Chronicle praised the event as a success. Additionally, the campaign received wide media attention both within and outside of San Francisco.

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Bay to Breakers 2011 PSAs and interviews