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Blue Willow Systems

David Perry & Associates, Inc. is pleased to provide media relations and strategic counsel to Blue Willow Systems (, based at the prestigious SRI in Silicon Valley.

Blue Willow System is a “unique patent pending end-to-end resident and staff safety solution with specially designed wearable devices, access points, and a SaaS-delivered cloud platform that enables automatic fall detection monitoring, reporting, real-time visuals of location, and alerts.” (Laurie Orlov, Aging in Place Technology Watch). Blue Willow “has cracked the detection and elopement problem. Blue Willow Systems has figured out how to take advantage of technology and capabilities. They have created the system you have been looking for.” (Steve Moran, Senior Housing Forum).

Vikram Devdas founded the company after the tragic loss of his father due to an undetected fall. As he learned more about the issue, the highly-regarded computer engineer and successful entrepreneur, found that undetected falls account for a significant proportion of the hospitalizations of seniors in senior care communities. However, he was surprised to learn that new technologies weren’t being used to solve the problem, and decided to change this. The result, Blue Willow Systems, is an innovative fall detection and alert system designed to allow seniors’ facilities to automatically monitor the health and location of their residents using a variety of wearable and non-wearable sensor devices.

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