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Dorade Return to Blue Water

The best way to predict the future is to create it,” said famed entrepreneur and thought leader Peter Drucker. Such is the idea behind the Caravanserai Project, the innovative nonprofit dedicated to supporting young social impact entrepreneurs dedicated to addressing problems in education, nutrition, housing, social justice and workforce development. David Perry & Associates, Inc. is proud to work with this distinguished nonprofit.

The name Caravanserai is a metaphor for the mission and vision to provide a  safe space for entrepreneurs to get the support they need and continue their journey forward. A caravanserai [KAR-AH–VAN–SE-RAY] was a well-known meeting place along trade routes from Asia, NorthAfrica to Southeast Europe. It provided merchants and travelers with a safe place to rest and opportunities to exchange and trade goods and acquire information about the challenges ahead. It had a crucial part in the cross-fertilization and exchanges of cultures by exposing travelers and locals to new ideas, beliefs, and languages.

Caravanserai Project was founded in 2016 as a mission-driven hybrid venture whose goal is to support social impact entrepreneurs (for profit and nonprofit alike) strengthen their organizational infrastructure and build sustainable and relevant organizations that are working towards irreversible system change.

Caravanserai Project designs and implements technical assistance and capacity building programs with a particular focus on entrepreneurs and organizations in the Inland Empire and Southern California but works extensively across the nation and internationally as well.


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