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David Perry & Associates, Inc. is delighted to be of service to the Cathedral City Senior Center: improving he quality of life for seniors 55+ living in Cathedral City and surrounding communities.
The purpose of the Center is to assist all seniors, from the active to the home-bound, by providing services that channel energy, relieve suffering and protect health, happiness and well-being. The Center offers activities and services which include social, recreational, educational and health-related programs to over 600 members and many others who are directly involved with the Center from the community at large.
The Center’s senior program is staffed by a group of dedicated people who strive to provide a myriad of programs to benefit seniors.
Seniors have an opportunity to associate with people their own age, and acquire new friends. Activities include art classes, bingo, various crafts, card games such as bridge, bunco, mahjong, exercise classes, dance classes, computer classes, health related lectures and other activities.

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