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David Perry & Associates, Inc. is proud to represent Clocr, Inc. (, helping customers effortlessly manage their digital assets and provide peace of mind that their digital portfolio is safe and accessible to their designated beneficiaries. Clocr is a leading edge company founded by young entrepreneur Apoorva Chintal and managed with her father Sree Chintala.

Apoorva first came up with Clocr in high school, after her grandfather passed away. “My father was thrust into the role of ‘executor’ and forced to try and determine what my grandfather’s wishes had been and how to disburse his assets,” she recalled. “All of these new responsibilities for my father, while important and urgent, seemed trivial in comparison to our loss. That’s when it hit me — what would I do if I was the one who had to figure all of this out? And, from that question came her idea for her company. Clocr’s mission is to provide families peace of mind via an all-in-one platform for assigning ownership of digital assets and estate planning. Clocr lets you assign each individual online account to specific beneficiaries, as well as store power of attorney, medical proxies, and a myriad of other services.

Clocr’s mission is to provide peace of mind to their customers around the world by eliminating the pain and frustration in creating and managing their digital assets through personalized AI/ML- powered predictive and suggestive insights. Clocr saves time and money, eliminates the pain and frustration in passing-on  online accounts, social media accounts, and other digital assets the legal way.


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