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Dorade Return to Blue Water
Multi Grammy nominated photographer and director Ethan Russell (  is the only person to have photographed album covers for The Who, The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Ethan Russell went on tour with the Rolling Stones in 1969 (ending at Altamont) and again in 1972, was on the roof with The Beatles for their last concert in London, and was the photographer for The Who’s Who’s Next and Quadrophenia.  David Perry provides media relations, strategic introductions and video services, specifically promoting his acclaimed one-man-show, “The Best Seat in the House: Stories & The Photos to Prove It.”
Recent Media Coverage:
LA Weekly – May 25, 2018
University Times – May 4, 2018
Johnny Jet – April 16, 2018
What people are saying about Ethan Russell

“Ethan Russell has taken some of the greatest pictures in rock and roll. Maybe the greatest ever.” – Bill Wyman

“Ethan was doing something no other photographer was doing at the time.” – Annie Leibovitz 

“A thoughtful man with  blinding vision.”  – Keith Richards

“Ethan Russell lived the life the rest of us could only dream of…”  Jeff Dunas, Director Palm Springs Photo Festival.

“His contributions were poetic and dramatic. His photographs were what I would call “fine”: they felt like the classics of Paul Strand. They look ready to put up in the National Gallery. As an artist himself, Ethan is the civilized eye on an uncivilized art-form: rock n roll.” – Pete Townsend

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