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Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

David Perry handled the initial media, public relations and government affairs for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts, currently being planned for Chicago. He continues to offer PR counsel to the project, in addition to providing support for Skywalker Properties and Skywalker Vineyards based in San Francisco and Marin.

The Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

Conceived of by the legendary George Lucas, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts will be a first-of-its kind institution, designed to serve as the country’s premiere venue for understanding the connections and lineage of illustrative and visual art. Conceived by George Lucas, the museum is based in the filmmaker’s passion for education and the role art can play in inspiring young people. The museum will offer state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled programming for children, families, schools, scholars, and visiting artists. The Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts collection includes artists like N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, and Norman Rockwell, on through the innovative works of Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), and other digital companies. The collection ranges from fine art to animation, from fashion to cinematic design and is comprised of works of the great masters of the Golden Age of Illustration through today’s digital artists, showing the ways culture is reflected in the popular art of any given time. In addition to George Lucas’ personal art collection, the museum will feature works and traveling exhibits from other collections and institutions.

Skywalker Vineyards

Overlooking vineyards and originally designed as a winery, the picturesque Technical Building at Skywalker Ranch is headquarters to post-production industry leader Skywalker Sound. It was there that the story of Skywalker Vineyards began two decades ago – but the genesis of Lucas’ vintner dreams can be traced back to his childhood in Modesto, California. Surrounded by vineyards — the fragrance of fermenting grapes permeating the air — the small Central Valley community was imbued with the culture of grape growing and wine making. Years later, Lucas was inspired and encouraged by the success of his friend Francis Coppola’s winemaking endeavors to begin his own venture. Lucas’ first vineyard plantings in 1991 yielded scenic grapes and passable wines – but were nonetheless enough to set into motion grander vintner ambitions.

Under the keen eye of winemaker Scott McLeod – former Director of Winemaking for Francis and Eleanor Coppola – the past nearly 20 years / two decades have been tirelessly dedicated to upgrading clones and root stock, implementing new growing practices and nurturing the best possible fruit. In the end, it is this difficult evolution which makes every triumph so worthwhile. A victory over nature and a testament to tenacity, Skywalker’s Pinot Noir is an unqualified success. Today, Skywalker Vineyards is proud to offer Chardonnay and Pinot Noir of distinction made entirely from estate grown grapes.

Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

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