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David Perry & Associates, Inc is honored to represent Manny Yekutiel and Manny’s:  a
people powered, community focused meeting and learning place in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District that combines a restaurant, political bookshop, and civic events space. Manny’s goal: to create a central and affordable place to become a better informed and more involved citizen. Manny’s offers its events space to nonprofits, activists and civic organizations to spread their message and do their work as well as hosting its own civic and arts related programming. Manny’s kitchen is run by the non-profit, Farming Hope, which hires formerly homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals and trains them in the food skills needed to work in the restaurant industry.

Since opening its doors on Election Night 2018, Manny’s has become an epicenter of community involvement, dialogue and civic engagement having served over 50,000 people, staged over 400 events, donated space to more than 150 area nonprofits and charities and become “the New Hampshire of California” (KCBS Radio) by hosting 17 presidential candidates. Also, besides receiving copious media and public attention, Manny’s was recognized for his above-and-beyond achievements by the California State Senate as “Small Business of the Year.”

“Creating a central place for folks to go to become better informed and more involved citizens, has been the core of our mission since the beginning,” said Yekutiel. “My father came to North America with 23 dollars in his pocket and little English, originally from Afghanistan. He pumped gas, sold coffee on the street of Sudbury in below freezing temperatures, and worked the assembly line at a refrigerator plant, eventually saving up enough to open up a restaurant with his brother. My mother’s family, immigrants from Poland and Russia, owned a small grocery store in Brooklyn. Small business is in my blood. I was raised in a small business household and I’m proud of the hard work that both of my parents set as an example.”

“By the Numbers” About Manny’s 1st Year

  • 55,257 cups of coffee and tea sold
  • 30,000 people attended and engaged in our civic programming
  • $20,000 raised for local non-profits
  • 5,400 free cups of coffee and tea given out to those who can’t afford it
  • 785 people participated in Manny’s ‘pay if forward’ program to fund the above
  • 450 civic events and gatherings hosted in the space
  • 300 individual sponsors who support the space’s programming monthly
  • 115 number of local organizations and non-profit given free or low cost space
  • 20 Members of Congress have visited Manny’s
  • 17 Presidential candidates have visited Manny’s
  • 16 formerly homeless or incarcerated individuals now have full time job via Manny’s non-profit training kitchen
  • 16 hours of continuous reading of the Mueller report at Manny’s
  • 6 debate watch parties hosted in the space

Featured Services

  • Public / Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Strategic Counsel
  • Media Training
  • Community Affairs