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Woman in the mirror

Sometimes it’s hard to face Facebook when your mother can’t remember your face. What’s a loving Rock-and-Roll DJ daughter to do? In Dayna Steele’s one-woman tour de force, THE WOMAN IN THE MIRROR, the audience is invited to take laugh, cry, and nod with recognition and hope at an issue that has become all-to-real in the lives of many Americans: Alzheimer’s. David Perry & Associates, Inc. is honored to represent this unique artist and her important and innovative work.

Based on Steele’s critically acclaimed best-selling book Surviving Alzheimer’s with Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine, THE WOMAN IN THE MIRROR is “a love letter to an often-unsung group of people: caregivers” (Houston Press). The play has its West Coast Premiere, March 10 – 31 at the Revolutionary Stage in Palm Springs (611 S Palm Canyon Drive). The production is directed by Laura Stearns, known her twelve years with the acclaimed Guthrie Theatre or Minneapolis.

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Woman in the mirror

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