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< a href = "? index.php option = com_content & Itemid = 169 & catid = 10 & ID = 445 & lang = en & View = article" title = "Hung Yi art exhibit" > < img alt = "Hung Yi" src = "HTTP: //www.davidperry .com / images / Stories / newslogos / insian-gallery.png" /> < h2 > Famous Taiwanese artist Hung Yi Will hold the “Maximo Oliveros Carnival of the Animals” free public art Exhibition < h3 > < br > 16 abstract large Statues Will be exhibited at the San Francisco Civic Center BETWEEN April 19 to May 2 weeks < br > < P > Media Contact: David Perry & amp; Associates, Inc. / (415) 693-0583 / < P > hashtag: #hungyisf < P > . 2015年4 15 – San Francisco Hung Yi is one of Taiwan’s most renowned contemporary artists, who will exhibit his large abstract sculpture in San Francisco. The name “Carnival of the Animals Maximo Oliveros’ sculpture exhibition will be between April 16, 2015 to May 2 at the San Francisco Civic Center Plaza makeshift exhibition venue. Curator and project manager of the art exhibition is Miss Xu Fangyu. This 19 large animal sculptures colorful, lifelike, free and open to the public, they are located on the east side of San Francisco City Hall, Joseph L. Alioto Performing Arts Plaza. The exhibition is to be in San Francisco on April 20 to the Second Annual session of Qunbaiyaoyao LPGA Golf Tournament BETWEEN 26 Date and Organized. < P > “We are very pleased this group of Magnificent That CAN be art Exhibition Held in the center of our City, Residents and visitors have the Will opportunity to come to watch, “said San Francisco Mayor Li Mengxian.” San Francisco is precisely because of cultural art from around the world, it has enjoyed a pioneer innovation and art, we are proud to be the set of Something New temporary exhibition city Carnival of the Animals. ” < P > “THESE quite Funny, Modeling Full of Exotic Animals Cultural Characteristics of Taiwan,” the person in charge of European galleries Taipei impression Yin Zheng Said. He is the Producer of the Exhibition in San Francisco, Also Qunbaiyaoyao Golf Tournament’s main Sponsor. “Hung Yi sculpture bold Enthusiasm, develop Their luxuriant Taiwanese Culture. Innovation activities in the Emerging art Scene in Taiwan, Hung Yi Creative Work has Been Full of Classical Elegance, worthy of public Acclaim.”
 “San Francisco is known for public art to, “Tom DeCaigny the Ministry of Culture in charge of the San Francisco Art Commission said.” In recent years, our Civic Center has become a lot temporary exhibition of cutting-edge art, the exhibition a lot of world famous artists. Build THESE temporary Exhibition of local Residents and Tourists is a Blessing, and there are Contribute to the Economic Prosperity of this Region. We are Grateful to the flood prone choose San Francisco gallery and impressions. ” < P > “Parks and San Francisco Recreation Department welcomed the public art in our park expansion, which creates an atmosphere for our thought-provoking imagined public spaces, “chief of the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department Phil Ginsburg said.” Hung Yi’s work no doubt enhance the cultural diversity of our beautiful City. ” < P > Hung Yi was born in 1970 in Taichung, Taiwan, he was the owner of nine restaurants. HOWEVER, he at 30 years of age, just after His Work in 2002’s “Taichung Railway Station on the 20th warehouse” exhibition attracted attention, he decided to start all full focus on his artistic career. After that, his work has been inspired by his life experiences around. Typical of his work is generally easy to use bright colors, vivid modeling. Hung Yi also because he’s a Highly Controversial Work, this Work Presents a Contradictory Unity Simultaneously with the pattern of modern Traditional Visual Culture a Little context. < P > The main Exhibition flood prone include: Taipei impression gallery Exhibition “Fairy, Tiger, Dog” (2009); Taipei impression gallery exhibition “Health Arts and the Dragon” (2011); Taipei Taipei Expo Park Exhibition “Animal party” by Taipei Impression Gallery planned and executed (2013); Tokyo, Japan Hakone Open-Air Museum exhibition “Happy Animal Party”, by the impression Galleries Execution (2013); Taiwan Taoyuan Air City “Taoyuan Land Art Festival”, the impression Galleries Execution (2014); Buddha Memorial Center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan “Hung King device easily exhibition” executed by the impression Galleries (2014); taiwan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store Exhibition “Hung Yi Art Sculpture Exhibition”, Executed by the impression Galleries (2015). < P > “Hung Yi is Famous for ITS UNIQUE Steel sculpture, His Works Pretty and Bright Colors,” Yin Ou Zheng continued . “His Works based on the Traditional symbol of good luck and Wealth, the Animals using anthropomorphic Interpretation Techniques.” < P > impression gallery was Founded in 1987, ITS mission AIMS to Promote Taiwan’s Arts and Business, to Promote Taiwan Art Development of. the published Works of art galleries to create and Encourage the Sustainable Development of the Arts. < P > to Provide Coordination and Support for the organization of the Exhibition include: San Francisco Mayor’s Office, the San Francisco Arts Commission and the San Francisco Parks and Recreation Department. [Widgetkit ID = 19]