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< P style = "text-align: center;" > < img class = "Client-TH" alt = "Chinese Historical Society of America" src = "images / Stories / newslogos / CHSA-logo.png" /> < h2 > Beyond Chinatown < h3 > < br > September 19 “Beyond Chinatown” banquet will commend Miss Jiang Sunyun < br >
 Chinese Historical Society of America in San Francisco 96 years to pay tribute to the legendary culinary activities in Julia Morgan Design Museum held < a href = "" > < P > Media Contact: DP & amp; A, Inc. / David Perry (415) 693-0583 / < P > 2015年9 11 – San Francisco, CA: One hundred years ago, San Francisco Pan Pacific International Exposition, celebrating innovation and progress in Panama Canal completed. The event also deepened the anti-China sentiment of racial discrimination, the impact of several generations. Four years later, one with courage, conviction and superb cuisine of this bias against women was born: she is Jiang Sun Yun (Cecilia Chiang). September 19 Saturday (16:00 to 8:00), just 96 years old, Ms. Jiang’s birthday, Chinese Historical Society of America ( < a href = "" > www.chsa. org ) will hold its annual fundraising dinner museum (965 Clay Street, between Powell and Stockton), on the theme “Beyond Chinatown” (“Above & amp; Beyond Chinatown “), will showcase the activities described Jiang Sun Yun Ms. remarkable ups and downs in life, pay tribute to her. Tickets are priced at $ 150, the event will include live music, a silent auction and live auction, by the ZAP (Zinfandel Advocates & amp; Producers) provided wine, as well as several well-known San Francisco restaurant offers a variety of cuisines, including 25 Lusk AsiaSF, B. Patisserie , Butterfly, Chino, emerald southern, MY China, Original Joe’s, Palio d’Asti, Tacolicious and Rams tearoom. The fund-raising activities by the internationally renowned and award-winning San Francisco correspondent Liam Mayclem auspices, Liam on KCBS radio and CBS-5 TV has “food of people” (Foodie Chap) of the title. < P > “ups and downs of the twentieth century, almost all American nationals is concentrated in river孙芸卓absolutely life,” Sue Lee, executive director of the Chinese Historical Society of America says, she is also a friend of Ms. Jiang. “She initiated from Chinatown, and the impact far beyond Chinatown, at the time that’s full of prejudice and fear, as her far beyond the people to a Chinese man, a woman’s expectations. ‘Living Legend’ Although it is a common describe, but on the river Sun Yun, who, not overrated. ” < P > Jiang Sun Yun was born in aristocratic family near Shanghai during the Japanese occupation of China in 1942, she fled along with a sister, walking for six months to seek refuge with relatives in Chongqing. Sun Yun Jiang fled with her to San Francisco and then removed the story recorded in the beginning of this year’s US PBS television documentary “Soul Feast” (Soul of the Banquet) in. Jiang Sun Yun with his son Philip co-founded the popular restaurant chain PF Chang. Mother and two have appeared in the critically acclaimed film “Looking Tso Chicken” (The Search of General Tso), the film tells the story of the rise of Chinese history in the United States. < P > 1960, the river Sun Yun to San Francisco to visit her sister Sophie, Sophie’s husband, the late William Hoy. Ms. Jiang visited San Francisco’s Chinatown when it came to two friends from Tokyo, they are planning to open a restaurant, Miss Jiang decided to help them communicate with matters of rent. She sometimes suddenly decided to write a piece of a $ 10,000 check as a rent deposit, and when the two friends decided to give open a restaurant, the owners refused to repay the deposit. Miss Jiang was unable to stop the rent, so they decided to operate their own restaurant, even though she never had business experience. As a result, this world-famous restaurants Mandarin soon attracted celebrity guests from around the world, in the United States is the precedent of the first. < P > Chinese Historical Society of America is the nation’s oldest and largest recording, research and display of Chinese American history organization. Chinese Historical Society of America was founded in 1963, moved by the Julia Morgan (Julia Morgan) designed landmark buildings, namely Chinatown YWCA building, the address is 965 Clay Street, San Francisco, 94108 since 2001. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, 12:00 to 17:00, Saturday morning 11:00 to 16:00 (Sunday, Monday and holidays.) For more information, please call (415) 391-1188 x101, or visit the website < a href = "" >