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10 Percent – Listing December 2012 – January 2013

Ten Percent

TV Listing. December 2012 – January 2013

Ten Percent — LGBT-TV for Northern California

Mondays – Fridays, 11:30am & 10:30pm and Saturdays & Sundays at 10:30pm on Comcast Hometown Network Channel 104 in Northern California.

Episode # 169
Monday — Friday, December 17 – 21, 11:30am & 10:30pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 22 – 23, 10:30pm

David Perry interviews Matthew Bajko, political columnist for The Bay Area Reporter. Perry also chats with Lisa Geduldig about the 20th anniversary of her annual holiday show, Kung Pao Kosher Comedy.

Episode # 170
Monday — Friday, December 24 -28, 11:30am & 10:30pm
Saturday & Sunday, December 29 – 30, 10:30pm

David Perry interviews iconic singer and “disco diva” Martha Wash, recipient of a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from San Francisco’s AIDS Emergency Fund.

Episode # 171
Monday — Friday, December 31 – January 4, 2013, 11:30am & 10:30pm
Saturday & Sunday, January 5 – 6, 10:30pm

DDavid Perry interviews writer Angus Whyte who reads from his upcoming book. Perry also talks to Fred Finkelstein about his documentary I’m Just Like You: Children With Psoriasis.

Episode # 172
Monday — Friday, January 7 – 11, 11:30 am & 10:30pm
Saturday & Sunday, January 12 – 13, 10:30pm

David Perry chats with Joe Wolosz, co-owner of Gentleman Farmer Wines. Perry also speaks with Todd Trexler, a poster artist whose iconic works feature such legends as Sylvester and Divine.

Episode # 173
Monday — Friday, January 14 – 18, 11:30am & 10:30pm
Saturday & Sunday, January 19 – 20 10:30pm

David Perry interviews Martin Rawlings-Fein, organizer for the Bay Area Bisexual Network. Perry also talks with Bay Area special events guru Andrew Freeman.

Ten Percent is also available 24/7 through the “On Demand” Feature through your Comcast Cable Network. Choose “Get Local” and “Comcast Hometown” to access Ten Percent. Past shows may also be viewed online at

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About 10 Percent

Comcast Hometown Network (CHN), Comcast’s regional cable network covering Northern and Central California, continues its commitment to quality original programming with Ten Percent, a weekly interview series that focuses on lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender (LGBT) issues. The half-hour show, created and hosted by long-time San Francisco media professional David Perry, airs on Channel 104, Mondays – Thursdays at 11:30am & 8pm and is available to all Comcast digital cable customers throughout Northern and Central California. Each episode will then be available online at as well as on Comcast’s popular ON DEMAND platform, which is free to Comcast digital customers. To view Ten Percent ON DEMAND, Comcast Digital Cable customers can tune to Channel 1 on their Digital Cable lineup or press the ON DEMAND button on their remote control, then click on the “Get Local” section, then click on “Comcast Hometown.”

“I jokingly call the show ‘Charlie Rose for the LGBT world,” said David Perry, Producer/Host of Ten Percent. “We may be only ten percent of the general population, in round numbers, but our issues are one hundred percent front-and-center in today’s world. Whether it’s the fight for marriage equality or debates about gay clergy or the right to serve openly in uniform, our issues are reflective of the world at large.”

“David has a well-known and unique voice that bridges many communities,” said Jason Holmes, Executive Producer at Comcast Hometown Network. “David’s talents and the launch of Ten Percent further enhance Comcast’s commitment to our communities and Comcast Hometown Network’s compelling, community-based regional programming,”