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Castro Theatre Re-Burglarized

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Castro Theatre Re-Burglarized

Same Individual Arrested Five Days Ago Breaks in Again & Re-Arrested

3 April 2022 – San Francisco: For the second time in a week, San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre has been burglarized, and by the same person who was arrested for the first burglary five days ago. The suspect, Gary Marx, has been re-arrested and is in custody.

“This is both heartbreaking and galling,” said Mary Conde, Vice President for Bay Area small business Another Planet Entertainment. “Why this individual was allowed on the streets again is beyond my understanding and should be unacceptable. We are so grateful to the San Francisco Police for their continued vigilance and for again arresting this person. However, our system is failing us.”

According to Conde, an additional $15,000 worth of damage was done in yesterday’s incident adding to the previous $30,000 from last week’s incident. Additionally, the expensive leaded glass on the iconic freestanding box office has been broken five times since January.

“We have tried to avoid installing a metal security gate across the front of the Castro’s iconic entrance, but I don’t believe we are now left with any choice,” said Conde.

According to Conde, who is overseeing the renovation of the historic Castro Theatre, such a gate would be costly. January of this year, Another Planet took over management of the LGBTQ community and film landmark that is celebrating its centennial in June. Opened in 1922, the registered San Francisco landmark is still owned by the local Nasser family who built it.