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A hero’s journey into the world of dreams and fears…

Leyend of Sirok

A hero’s journey into the world of dreams and fears…

Grey Gate Media, LLC Releases Edward G. Kardos’ latest book 
”Elias and the Legend of Sirok”

17 May 2013 — CONCORD, NH: Grey Gate Media, LLC has released “Elias and the Legend of Sirok”. Edward G. Kardos presents an inspiring tale of a young artist, who is at odds with his life on his father’s farm, and is forced to make a decision about his future. His grandmother prepares him for a journey of discovery that takes him from his Hungarian village into a supernatural world. Here he faces powers and mystical beings—some that he strives to understand, while others he is forced to battle. With help from a wise man, he finally confronts his fears as they are personified by a dragon that changes shape at whim and will. Will Elias triumph over the dark powers around him? If he survives, what will he learn—about life and himself?

“Ed Kardos is a soul searcher. He writes from the head and heart, finding true meaning in the vagaries of life,” said Dean King, bestselling author of Skeletons on the Zahara about Kardos and his book. “An excellent novel for your pre-teen reader!” said Naomi Blackburn in her Amazon post. Blackburn is a book reviewer currently on Goodreads as the number 15 top reviewer in the U.S. and 20th globally.

“This story for the young and the young at heart, after all, I’m fifty-three and love these kinds of stories,” said Kardos when asked about who would enjoy the story.

As the story unfolds, Elias confronts conformity, guilt and fear and learns to believe in himself and to follow his heart.

“This story is hero’s journey similar to the classics but written for our time,” said publisher, Jason Reilly. “Kardos takes us on an inward journey and we, along with Elias, begin to believe in ourselves and feel good about who we are.”

Lectures, guest appearances, interviews and review copies are available by contacting Jason Reilly –

About the Author: 
Edward G. Kardos is the author of several books. Daniel Pink, bestselling author of “A Whole New Mind”, said this about “Zen Master Next Door”, Kardos’ last book—“What an inspiring way to learn about our very soul. These modern day parables…are compelling and left me wanting more.” Inspiration for his writing comes from the beauty that surrounds him both in the people he meets and the places he visits. He and his wife have four children and live in Richmond, Virginia. Grey Gate Media, LLC is a publishing and media company located in Concord, New Hampshire. Founded with the mission to provide quality entertainment for friends, families, and anyone passionate about reading or gaming.

“Elias and the Legend of Sirok” (9781618070807) is published in paperback by Vermillion Pencil Press an imprint of Grey Gate Media, 142 pages, retail price $11.99. Also available as an e-book (9781618070821) and retails at $3.99.

Contact: Jason S. Reilly, (603) 801-2208; ####