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From Bill Miller 

Thu Sep 2nd Bermuda:  A quiet, very restful day – lots of reading in a shady corner – then specially prepared Steak Tartar (by Roland, a longtime Austrian chef turned restaurant manager here on Crystal) for dinner, then a gala, high-spirited show (at 9 and themed to Broadway musicals) and finally the full band playing up on deck, under the stars & as we sail from Bermuda.  Then out into the dark abyss!

Below:   Bermuda is famous for its crystal clear, turquoise-blue waters … today, Michael found a small, rock-lined hideaway not too far from the ship itself for some quiet time, reading & swimming … 

Our friend Allan Davidson, a local Bermudian & former officer with the Furness-Bermuda Line, took this photo (above) of the Crystal Symphony by night   

Fri Sep 3rd at sea:   Sound the trumpets, well softly – he doesn’t like personal celebrations.  Today is Michael’s birthday and, quietly, we go off to Prego, the ship’s Italian grill, for a celebratory supper.   A delicious 5 courses!

Crystal is noted for its lecture program – absolutely one of the very best on all the seas:   authors, astronomers, movie stars, economists, political analysts and even experts telling us how to live longer & live better.   Myself, in 100 trips on Crystal (since Aug 1990), I’ve sailed with & enjoyed listening to countless celebrity speakers:   Walter Cronkite & Barbara Walters, Debbie Reynolds & Jane Russell, Marvin Hamlish & Dionne Warwick, Anne Jeffreys & Marion Ross, Art Linkletter & Hugh Downs, Dr Ruth & Rex Reed.   This trip, we have two splendid speakers:   General Anthony Zinni (below), with a huge military & US Government history and holder of no less than three PhDs;   and Dr Alec Murphy, a well regarded geographer.   Both present their talks with that great added ingredient:   passion for their subject.   (PS:   Alec Murphy discover today that we actually sailed together some 40 years ago, on the Polish liner Stefan Batory (in Sep 1981), traveling from London to Montreal.)

Otherwise, smooth, glass-like seas as we head north to Boston.

Fluffy towels, a shaded chair, a smiling steward delivers a tall glass of iced tea … 

Michael likes Hendrik’s gin for a pre-dinner drink!

A fiery ending to a dreamy day at sea!