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Clocr Featured on “Meet the Drapers” February 27

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Clocr Featured on “Meet the Drapers” February 27

Father & Daughter Team Have Created Award Winning
All-In-One Legacy Planning Online Tool for Arranging Digital Assets
After a Loved One’s Death

COVID Pandemic Points to New and Evolving Need for the Service

19 February 2021– Austin, TX:  In 2015 Apoorva Chintala lost her grandfather. Suddenly her father, Sree Chintala, was thrust into the unfamiliar and painful role of executor including accessing password protected digital assets. In the midst of a crisis, her grief gave way to inspiration: an inspiration that has landed the familial team as a finalist on the esteemed “Meet the Drapers” ( venture capitalist showcase February 27, 28 and March 2. The name of her inspiration is Clocr ( — short for Cloud Locker — and it’s revolutionizing the planning of digital estates.

“I would have been lost if I had needed to figure all this out on my own, especially if it had been during COVID and I had no physical access to records,” said Apoorva who is now 21.  In 2020, she and her team were selected as one of the top 16 collegiate entrepreneurs of the year.  “My response of ‘I just don’t know’ gave way to ‘I’m going to invent a system to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

Through the use of an intuitive user interface, the latest advancements in security technology (including Clocr’s own patent pending security platform), the start-up has created an impressive digital asset storage and distribution platform with the most secure personal storage available. 

“It’s like having a safety deposit box in the cloud,” said Sree, 51,a serial entrepreneur who is now his daughter’s business partner.  “Clocr is an all-in-one digital legacy planning service for families to safely store their digital assets and be able to share them the right way.”

The invention has already garnered attention, and awards:

  • Winner of the ‘Austin Fast Start’ pitching competition September 2020.
  • Winner of the TiE50 Award at TiEcon 2020
  • 3rd place in the highly competitive and prestigious Future Founders UPitch 2020 competition
  • 3rd place winner of Hatch Pitch 2020, the revolutionary startup competition.

Managing digital assets in life—and protecting them after death — has become increasingly complex and increasingly important in light of the COVID pandemic.  Clocr has in a short period of time made an impressive case for its “digital vault” that not only organizes the cyber footprint of the deceased, but also protects those assets from such potential issues as identity and asset theft after death.

“Being selected as a contestant on ‘Meet the Drapers’ is an incredible honor,” said Apoorva and Sree Chintala in a statement. “One of the lessons that we’re still learning from COVID is that we live in a world connected by our devices and our digital assets. How many people this past year could have been better protected during their most vulnerable time with a tool like Clocr?”

Clocr is the first all-in-one digital legacy planning and disbursement platform designed specifically for digital assets. Clocr allows users to efficiently organize their digital assets and files, name beneficiaries, and give them access to everything they need in case of an emergency or death. Customizable onboarding makes it easy to create more than 150 of the most used online accounts and creates alerts if one’s estate becomes incomplete, beneficiaries deny a bequest, or if any account is disbursed due to incapacity or death. The system can even track who has assigned an individual as their beneficiary to get a more nuanced understanding of assets.

“The primary aim of Clocr is to ease a family’s burden at their greatest time of need, when they are facing the greatest uncertainty of life: when it’s ending,” said Sree.

“We firmly believe that technology empowers society to creatively and effectively solve age old problems,” Apoorva summed up. “This is why Clocr exists, to eliminate the stress and confusion after the loss of a loved one.”

Look for Clocr on Episode 4 of “Meet The Drapers” at on Saturday, February 27, Sunday, February 28 and Tuesday March 2 on the following networks and time zones (check local listings).

  • Saturday, February 27 @ 8am EST Game Show Network
  • Saturday, February 27 @ 10pm IST & Sunday, February 28 @ 12pm IST ET Now
  • Tuesday, March 2 @ 10pm SGT TechStorm