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“Cutting of Harp Strings” The New Novel from E.G. Kardos

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“Cutting of Harp Strings” The New Novel from E.G. Kardos

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11 January 2022 Scipio, IN: Pen It! Publications, LLC has released CUTTING OF HARP STRINGS, the new novel by E.G. Kardos. In it, Eli tells the story of his teenage-self in the 1970s when one person upends his plan and his life is destined to change. Forever to please, Eli follows a comfortable and preordained path but is unaware of the pounding message in his head that says success, happiness, and love follow a narrow path. Polar opposite, he and Aiden are paired as roommates their senior year in boarding school. They clash not fully aware of their true selves, yet their friendship unfolds in ways neither had ever before experienced. Caught off guard, their relationship deepens but like a gut punch, a promise Aiden made to himself changes everything.

Years later, fraught with regret, denial, and his restless spirit, Eli treks to the secret location that he and Aiden once shared to search for his peace. Will he find his answers?

A poignant coming-of-age story of friendship, living in the moment, and love is a poetic mosaic of joy, heartbreak, self-reflection but most of all, utter bliss.

E.G. Kardos, a fiction writer, is the author of four books. Important to him, he bases his work on the beauty that surrounds all of us—both in nature and in each other. His view of spirituality, friendship, love, and connection to the universe inspired him to write CUTTING OF HARP STRINGS. He lives in Richmond, Virginia.

Here’s what they’re saying…

“… a compelling and engagingly written story of friendship, the word used to describe a long, slow process of enlightenment as well as a term applicable to the process of healing and learning to make sense of life. Spanning twenty-five years, and centered around a secluded spot of inspiration, Cutting of Harp Strings is a strongly recommended and emotionally moving saga.”
— James A. Cox, editor-in-chief, Midwest Book Review.

“In Cutting of Harp Strings, E.G. Kardos continues to show a creative imagination, a wicked sense of humor and a depth of characterization.
— Jay Strafford, retired books editor, Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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About Pen It!
At Pen It!, we strive to share new writers with fresh stories to readers. We have a book for everyone as we believe readers hunger for a diverse and imaginative world to explore to feed their souls. We publish across most categories and interests and provide some of the most inspiring stories told. We are proud of our latest work of Literary Fiction/Coming of Age/YA, Cutting of Harp Strings: a novel. 

CUTTING OF HARP STRINGS: A NOVEL (ISBN: 978-1-63984-010-6) is published in hardback (260 pages), paperback (978-1-63984-009-0) and e-book by Pen It! Publications, LLC. Retail price $20.99 for hardback, $12.99 for paperback and $3.99 for e-book. Copies may be purchased from the publisher, Amazon, or any bookseller worldwide, and by contacting the author at

Discounts for quantities purchased may be available. For more information, to include price for store purchases and return policy, please contact Rachel Hale (marketing director), the publisher, Debi Stanton (president) at  or the author at