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Denise Marsa Releases ‘Rainbow Until Dawn Remix’

May 3 Internationally Acclaimed Singer-Songwriter Denise Marsa Releases ‘Rainbow Until Dawn Remix’  Leading Up to The Release of Her Album ‘PIVOTAL’

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“the entrancing addition to Denise Marsa’s growing discography of decadent pop treasures.” – Music Existence

her incredible singing abilities make it an essential acquisition for pop aficionados” – Indie Pulse Music 

“you’ll be drawn in by the 80s style synths, alongside a pounding drumbeat and soaring guitar solos. Marsa’s powerhouse vocals take centre stage, pulling us in and refusing to let us go.” – Essentially Pop

3 May 2024 – New York City:  Following the release of the highly successful and magnetic first single from her forthcoming album ‘PIVOTAL’ internationally acclaimed singer and songwriter, Denise Marsa announces the release of her next single ‘Rainbow Until Dawn Remix’.

Rainbows have been a popular subject with songwriters, as they are a wondrous, almost mystical optical phenomenon, and it’s easy to be awestruck when you see one, no matter what age you are. Rainbow Until Dawn Remix is an uplifting anthem about love and surrendering yourself to the present moment. Denise sings about embracing those around you and appreciating the magicbehind the commonalities that we come across in our daily life. With its infectious melody and heartfelt lyrics, she reminds us that after a storm you just might witness a rainbow.

As you listen to ’Rainbow Until Dawn Remix, from the first note you are entirely at the whim of Denise’s enchanting vocals and the groovy backtrack. As the song builds, you build alongside it, content to ride the wave with Denise as she takes you on a ride over the course of the recording which could be a metaphor for her seasoned career. With the lyrics in the bridge, one wants to stand up and yell “Brava!” for the complex yet simple intentions of the song, “Listen to the words of the greatest poets that ever walked this earth. Love has always been the greatest inspiration on this earth.”

Denise Marsa’s distinctive vocal prowess, combined with her emotive songwriting, shines brightly in Rainbow Until Dawn Remix’ creating a musical experience that is both soul-stirring and inspiring. Backed by lush instrumentation and dynamic production, this indie pop electro dance single continues to showcase her evolution as an artist while staying true to her signature style. Her listeners are anticipating the release of ‘PIVOTAL,’ which will be available on all streaming platforms on June 14th. Scheduled to drop via her label KeyMedia Group, the album promises to be one of her most electrifying works yet, taking listeners through a musical passage of self-discovery and genre-free songwriting. 

Denise is an advocate for all love and draws no line in the sand when it comes to us all being equal and loving who we love. Her work in music and in the arts led her to start her own public relations firm KeyMedia Public Relations, and in 2008 her company worked with the West Hollywood Visibility Committee to promote The Etheridge Award, honoring the work of Sheila Kuehl. Kuehl, is a former Hollywood child star and was California’s first openly gay state legislator, having previously served in the California State Senate and the California State Assembly, where she was the Assembly’s first female speaker pro tem.

Denise invites fans and music enthusiasts alike to listen to‘Rainbow Until Dawn Remix’; with its captivating melody and lyrics, the song is set to be a universal hit for listeners from all walks of life. ‘Rainbow Until Dawn Remix’ will be available on all streaming platforms on May 3rd, with the extended club version releasing May 10.

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