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Everything is ready and the Italian travel industry is pushing back against negative and inaccurate media coverage related to COVID-19. 

“Milan loves you! Now, show that you love Milan!”

There are no risks attending IGLTA Convention in Italy in May: 

Everything is ready and the Italian travel industry is pushing back against negative and inaccurate media coverage related to COVID-19. 

“Italy is being more transparent, and doing more testing than any other European country. We are more safe than before, not less.”
— Alessio Virgili, President of the IGLTA Host Committee

28 February 2020 – Milan, Italy: Lately, the image of Italy abroad has been distorted by a series of proactive decisions made by the Italian Government to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These governmental actions, designed to stop the spread of the virus, have – unfortunately – led to a perception that Italy is “less safe” than other countries. In fact, the opposite is true.

In light of this, Alessio Virgili, International Gay and Lesbian Tourist Association (IGLTA) Ambassador, CEO of the Sonders & Beach Group and President of the host committee for 37th IGLTA Global Convention, confirms that the Convention will take place on May 6-9 , 2020 in Milan.

“The Italian Health Ministry did more than 9,000 tests and 95% of these were negative,” said Virgili.  “The tests found that only 5% of test patients were infected and only 20% of these showed symptoms of illness.  Out of an abundance of caution, the Italian health authorities also tested people who were not showing symptoms.  France, for example, did only 475 tests. Other countries did not state the number of tests done. For this reason, there is an inaccurate perception that Italy has a greater COVID-19 outbreak than other countries. In fact, Italy is the victim of its own transparency. Italy is not less safe. Rather, Italy has been more scrupulous and more transparent in its efforts to fight the virus. The media has mis-represented,and over-dramatized the situation. COVID-19 is under control in Italy.”

Looking forward, Virgili stresses that plans are continuing for the May IGLTA Convention in Milan, including a party on March 4th in Milan to preview the May event. The party is hosted by ENIT, the Italian Tourist Board and Sonders & Beach.  Preparation for the event in May has been ongoing for several years including a new destination management plan for inbound LGBTQ+ tourism, the first for Italy. 

“Our theme for the IGLTA conference in May is Milan Loves You’,” said Virgilli.  “Now, we are looking forward to the world returning that affection. COVID-19 is a serious issue and one which we are monitoring carefully.  Italy is as safe as any country during these stressful times, perhaps safer. But, as always, Italians invite drama: it’s one of our distinctive characteristics. However, don’t let drama get in the way of facts. Come to Italy and come to the IGLTA conference in May.” 

Letizia Strambi 

Head of PR and Media  

Sonders & Beach Group

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