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Fara Gold of Blue Willow Systems To Speak at Aspire Conference in Rancho Mirage

Blue Willow Systems

media contact: David Perry / (415) 767-1067 /

Fara Gold of Blue Willow Systems To Speak at Aspire Conference in Rancho Mirage

October 24 – 26, Rancho Mission Hills Resort

Revolutionary Automatic Fall Detection and Automatic Alerts Key
to Innovative Wearable Technology for Elders

20 October 2016– Rancho Mirage, CA: When the best-and-brightest minds in the assisted living industry converge in the California desert for the annual CALA Conference ( this week, they will have something innovative indeed to raise their eyebrows — and awareness: Blue Willow Systems (

“The annual California Assisted Living Association conference is the perfect market for the Blue Willow solution,” said Fara Gold, Blue Willow Systems Vice President of Business Development, noting that the company has already started to install the Blue Willow System in care facilities in both the US and Canada. “Blue Willow complements your existing solutions with fall detection, real-time location system and the collection, calculation and aggregation of events. To quote this year’s CALA Conference tagline, we ‘aspire’ to be the solution needed by many CALA members.”

Gold, a longtime expert in the field of senior living, will speak at 2pm on Wednesday, October 26 in a session entitled Achieving Higher Occupancy with Market Differentiation exampling Blue Willow Systems as a tool for senior living companies with which to differentiate themselves in the market.  

Blue Willow System is a “unique patent pending end-to-end resident and staff safety solution with specially designed wearable devices, access points, and a SaaS-delivered cloud platform that enables automatic fall detection monitoring, reporting, real-time visuals of location, and alerts.” (Laurie Orlov, Aging in Place Technology Watch). Blue Willow “has cracked the  detection and elopement problem. Blue Willow Systems has figured out how to take advantage of technology and capabilities.  They have created the system you have been looking for.” (Steve Moran, Senior Housing Forum)

Each year, Assisted Living providers and associate businesses come together at the CALA Conference & Trade Show to share best practices, learn about new products and services, network with colleagues, and obtain ready-to-use tools and strategies for providing high-quality care to residents: ready to use tools like Blue Willow.

Debuted just last month at the prestigious NIC Conference in Washington, DC, Blue Willow is already causing a buzz in the senior living and health care space. In a recent issue of Forbes Magazine (9/28/16), the discussion is around three industries that will be transformed by intelligent technology, including health care. Blue Willow is poised for that revolution.

“Blue Willow Systems and CALA share a vital mission,” said Vikram Devdas, Founder and CEO of Blue Willow Systems. “We both are devoted to the betterment of assisted living.”

Devdas founded the company after the tragic loss of his father due to an undetected fall. As he learned more about the issue, the highly-regarded computer engineer and successful entrepreneur, found that undetected falls account for a significant proportion of the hospitalizations of seniors in senior care communities. However, he was surprised to learn that new technologies weren’t being used to solve the problem, and decided to change this. The result, Blue Willow Systems, is an innovative fall detection and alert system designed to allow seniors’ facilities to automatically monitor the health and location of their residents using a variety of wearable and non-wearable sensor devices.

“Previous technologies required the wearer to pull a string,” Devdas continues. “What if your mother has a stroke and is incapacitated, or your grandfather has a heart attack and is unable to move? The features of automatic fall detection and geo-location sensing in the Blue Willow device make previous technologies obsolete. Our patented technology is the future of senior and disability care delivered now: safely, securely and via the cloud.”

Blue Willow Systems makes fall detection and health monitoring into an easy-to-implement solution. Its innovative, cost-effective system provides significant benefits to meet all the challenges of helping seniors to stay independent:

The Blue Willow System comprises a number of industry advantages:

• Provides an integrated and modern platform: Blue Willow Systems offers an end-to-end solution that uses wearables and sensors within a resident’s living space, and sends information instantly to mobile and desktop dashboards for caregivers and operators.

• Cloud-based delivery provides ample mobility and flexibility: Multiple locations and on-the-go staff members require a solution that can be managed from anywhere, at any time. Blue Willow Systems is cloud-based, so you can access your data and tools whenever you need them.

• SaaS model gives you affordability and just-right functionality: No need to purchase an expensive software solution that’s packed with features you don’t use, not to mention, getting hit with fees for upgrades and support. Software-as-a-service allows you to buy only what you need, making it an extremely budget-friendly option that still has all the functionality you require.

• Automatic monitoring, reporting, and alerts give you real-time insights: Fall prevention and health monitoring are a 24/7/365 responsibility, but few organizations can staff up to those levels. Now there’s no need. With Blue Willow Systems, you have always-on monitoring, which issues alerts when risks are detected. You also have reports that can give you insights on trends and issues worth watching.


About CALA (The California Assisted Living Association)

The California Assisted Living Association (CALA) is the only association solely representing the state’s Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly, which encompass Assisted Living, Memory Care, and Continuing Care Retirement Communities. Our members have access to a wealth of tools and resources to support day-to-day operations and quality care for residents, as well as the opportunity to participate in successful, ongoing advocacy efforts to help shape policy and clarify regulations. CALA represents over 575 providers and more than 125 associated businesses. Our provider members range from small, independently operated communities to large, multi-national organizations, and from providers that cater to an active lifestyle to ones that specialize in caring for residents with dementia.