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FundCru Raises $1M in Record Time Today First Live-Streamed ICO in History Brings in $1M in less than 20 minutes

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FundCru Raises $1M in Record Time Today
First Live-Streamed ICO in History Brings in $1M in less than 20 minutes  / #blockchain4good

Token Symbol: FUND. Cryptocurrency accepted: ETH


5 December 2017 – San Francisco, CA: After launching the first-ever real-time live video ICO, Duc Pham, founder of FundCru (  #blockchain4good @FundCru) is able to claim a record-setting 1M investment in less than 20 minutes!  The FundCru ICO began this morning — Tuesday, December 5 at 13:00 UTC (8am Eastern / 5am Pacific – and will continue through January 18.  ): Token Symbol: FUND; Cryptocurrency accepted: ETH. There will be a bonus of 20% on the first 5M FUND or 24 hours. For more information and to participate in the ICO go to  

“The future of charitable giving is FundCru,” says Pham who engineered FundCru as a seamless user-friendly way to assist charities in raising money with a larger percentage than is typical for most e-commerce transactions. “Today’s ICO shows that we are leading the way to make fundraising easier, more efficient and more accessible.”

Founded in 2015, FundCru is a blockchain-powered fundraising platform that funds causes through e-commerce transactions and direct donations. FundCru distinguishes itself from other fundraising platforms by supporting both cryptocurrency and fiat money on all transactions, providing fundraisers with a large percentage (typically 25%) of gross sales from eCommerce transactions, and forgoing platform fees for donations. FundCru aims to use its business model and blockchain technology to provide fundraisers with a wealth of additional revenue sources, merchants with significantly improved outreach and marketing, and supporters with more ways to help their causes and themselves.

Pham has been an entrepreneur and thought leader in the crypto and cybersecurity space for 15+ years. Pham was the founder and CTO of Vormetric, which was acquired by Thales for $400 million in 2015, a leading enterprise data encryption and cybersecurity, integrating encryption, access control, audit, and host integrity protection to provide a secure computing environment for high-profile clients in the financial services, banking sectors, healthcare, and the US federal government. Pham also led and won major OEM agreements with IBM (Database Encryption Expert) and Symantec (Media Server Encryption Option).  Prior to Vormetric, Pham was the founder and CEO of Linux4 Networks, a leader in SSL encryption acceleration technology, which was later acquired by Avaya. Pham was the inventor of the Vormetric encryption technology, has 9 patents granted and 16 other patents pending in the fields of parallel processing, encryption, secure messaging, mobile computing, and loyalty systems.