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Howard Bragman has died at age 66

This is a shocking one. Howard Bragman has died at age 66 after a two week battle with a rare, and aggressive leukemia. 

I first met Howard Bragman in San Francisco in the early ‘90s through our mutual friend, and my client, the clothier Billy Bragman (no relation). ”I’m the young, good looking one,” Howard would quip. 

Over the years we kept in touch, and occasionally collaborated on small projects. Soon, Howard got way to big for anything small. But, he never hesitated to pick up the phone, return a query or answer a PR plea for “help!” or to share a contact. He was a mensch, and a mensch who knew EVERYONE in Hollywood. 

I remember once, Alfredo and I had an especially challenging corporate client that wanted “12 rooms at the ‘Pretty Woman’ hotel” with one week notice….over Thanksgiving.

“Give me a few minutes,” Howard answered then set his Rolodex whirring.

We got the rooms.

On this Super Bowl Sunday, I especially remember his work with out gay football star Michael Sam.

RIP Howard. The synagogue in Heaven has a new publicist, and I’m sure now a rope line.