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Italian Style Meets LGBT Tourism in New Free Travel App

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Italian Style Meets LGBT Tourism
in New Free Travel App

WIMBIFY Is Latest Offering from Sonders & Beach of Milan

Media Contact: David Perry

6 July 2015 – San Francisco / Milan: “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness,” Mark Twain said. “Broad views cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth.” The tech saavy team of Sonders & Beach from Milan, Italy agrees, and have developed the new online app specific to the needs of the LGBT community: WIMBIFY.

“Wimbify is designed for the gay globetrotter,” said Alessio Virgili, WIMBIFY CEO and co-founder. “Traveling alone can sometimes be lonely and more expensive. WIMBIFY is a safe community where LGBT people can meet travel companions. You can ask for a lift or meet a local for a more personalized and friendly travel experience.”

“WIMBIFY stands for ‘Welcome to my back yard,’” explains co-founder Andrea Cosimi. “The concept behind the application is based in the increasingly popular philosophy of the sharing economy.”

Designed for both iOS and Android platforms, WIMBIFY is a free app, and has been developed specifically for the international LGBT community.

Specifically, WIMBIFY is designed to:

Find LGBT hospitality and gay friendly accommodations.
Check and post reviews of travel hosts and homeowners.
Find gay guides to help you “live like a local.”
Search for travel companions or shared transportation cost opportunities.

“Wimbify is a way for people to share unique travel experiences and destinations, ” said Virgili. “It allows people to host others for free by using the WIMBIFY app. This isn’t about renting rooms or paying to use someone’s flat. It’s about meeting people for friendship and sharing resources. It’s about connection and safety. What better way for a member of the LGBT community to feel safe and secure in a foreign country than with a local member of that LGBT community as their guide. ”

Founded by Virgili and Cosimi, Sonders & Beach is already an established leader in European LGBT travel and tourism with well known brands such as Quiiky (the first Italian LGBT tour operator and developer of the “Untold History” tours including the renowned “Vatican in a Gay Light” tour of the Vatican Museum, MiTown (a leisure website for visitors to Milan), and QMagazine (an international biannual publication of LGBT culture and tourism).

“According to recent studies, 53 % of LGBT people travel and live alone,” said Virgili. “WIMBLIFY is a free, easy and convenient way to find travel companions, low price or even free accommodations and to take advantage of discounts specific to the LGBT community.”

“Frankly,” laughs Cosimi. “We designed WIMBIFY for people just like us.”

WIMBIFY is slated to launch in the United States in summer 2015.