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Join the global day against the Islamic Regime in Iran

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Join the global day against the Islamic Regime in Iran, as we continue to support the PEOPLE OF IRAN  and stand in solidarity.


February 11 is the day of the anniversary of the Iranian Revolution 22 Bahman  in Iran. As the Islamic Republic celebrates this day, the Iranian diaspora protests in solidarity with the people of Iran fighting for freedom, democracy and a secular Iran. The Islamic Republic in Iran has numerous human rights violations and  unjust political imprisonment. The Iranian community will continue to be a voice for the people of Iran that have limited internet access and continue to be oppressed. 

The protests in Iran led by thousands of brave women, began in response to the murder of Mahsa“Zhina” Amini, a Kurdish-Iranian woman who was detained by the “morality police” for failing to adhere to strict hijab laws in Iran. The protests since September 16, 2022 have demanded an end to the deeply misogynistic political and legal system that Iran’s dictatorship has imposed on its people for more than four decades. The protesters have now expanded their demands to include a change in regime, replacing the theocracy with a pluralistic democracy.

As Iran’s regime continues to shut off the internet in the country and has killed over 500 protesters including children and arrested over 19,000 indiscriminately, the people of Iran have repeatedly asked that the international community be their voice and amplify their demands. This event is intended to loudly echo their voice. We expect over 50k in attendance, buses from all over the United States are coordinating with us to be one on that global day. 


A unified collective of Southern California-based volunteers ranging widely in age and representation including members of the Iranian-American community, diverse group of public figures, university students, human rights advocates and dedicated lifelong political activists have come together to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran and in loving memory of all those killed by the Islamic Regime in Iran, inviting the global community to join and take part in this important protest that will also continue to amplify the voice of brave women and men of Iran who are actively protesting against their brutal regime, seeking to replace that regime with one that respects democracy, equality, accountability and human rights. This organizing committee has no affiliation to any political party, religion, or special interest groups.

Media are invited to join the event for coverage and interview opportunities.


Saturday February 11, 2023: 12noon


Public to gather at NOON in front of Los Angeles City Hall:  200 N. Spring Street

Speakers will begin 12:45pm – 2pm and march to follow 

#MahsaAmini #IranRevolution #FREEIran #womanlifefreedom