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Law of the Jungle Applied To Donald Trump in Viral Video Satire:

Casino Don

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Law of the Jungle Applied To Donald Trump in Viral Video Satire:

“Casino Don: Make the Jungle Great Again.”


Educator, Author, and Filmmaker John D. Murphy Thinks the Election of the Casino Titan is a Deadly Gamble with the Future of America.

16 September 2016 – San Francisco, CA: With less than seven weeks until election day, John D. Murphy believes he captured the essence of the Trump candidacy for president by dubbing him “Casino Don.” “Donald Trump has gambled with other people’s money his entire career, and his behavior as the Republican presidential candidate portends that, if elected, he will gamble with the lives of all Americans.”

Murphy penned and produced his homage “to our high quality presidential campaign,” starring a proboscis monkey he christened “Casino Don.” Framed in nine short political advertisements: “I’m Casino Don and I approve of this message,” Casino Don bloviates on the pressing issues of the day. Among those are the following:

Immigration: “I will deport all Meer Cats and put an end to their radical voyeurism.”

Guns: “Every gun will have a breathalyzer to make sure you’re legally drunk before you shoot.”

Casino Don University: “Not having a mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Terrorism: “I will drop a million pornographic magazines in Syria and Iraq. ISIS will be so busy strangling the monkey, the war will be over in a week.”

Tongue-in-cheek, Murphy allows: “We share virtually the same DNA as our simian ancestors, and the banana is the favorite fruit of homo sapiens. Murphy, 70 (he and Trump born same year) is a founder of the University of Phoenix, then exacting critic in his book: Mission Forsaken: The University of Phoenix Affair with Wall Street. Murphy is also the filmmaker of the award-winning feature Valley of the Heart’s Delight about a 1933 San Jose, California lynching politically engineered by the then governor of California, James “Sunny Jim,” Rolph.

Humor aside, Murphy asserts this election must taken seriously. “Whether or not Hillary Clinton would be our first choice for president, a vote for the second choice is the foundation for the profound disintegration of America’s role as the economic and political leader of the free world.”

Casino Don: