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Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly Marks a Quarter Century of Service to San Francisco

Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly

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Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly
Marks a Quarter Century of Service to San Francisco


25 Years of Building Friendships with our Elderly Celebrated

Thursday, June 23 (6pm – 9pm)
Sir Francis Drake Hotel’s Starlight Room

Worldwide Charity Has Its Roots in Post WWII France

9 June 2016 — San Francisco, CA: It’s been a Christmas gift that has kept giving to San Francisco seniors every day for 25 years. On December 25, 1990 Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly ( opened its charitable doors and began providing services to isolated elders in San Francisco. Since then, over 20,000 of our most experienced citizens have received, literally, the gift of friendship, companionship and love. The moving benchmark will be marked with a gala reception, auction and party in the legendary Starlight Room atop the Sir Francis Drake Hotel (450 Powell Street on Union Square, San Francisco) on Thursday, June 23 (6pm – 9pm). Tickets are $ 75. Official patrons of the event are The Honorable Senator Dianne Feinstein and Consul General of France Emmanuel Lebrun-Damiens.

“You gotta’ have friends as the song goes, and that’s exactly what Friends of the Elderly is all about,” said Cathy Michalec, Friends of the Elderly, Executive Director. “We’re celebrating 25 years of building friendships with the elderly.”

The inspiration for the work of Friends of the Elderly was born in 1946 France, where a man named Armand Marquiset formed a group called “Little Brothers of the Poor” to serve the most disadvantaged after World War II.

“Marquiset realized that the elderly, in particular those who had lost their families during the war, were left isolated and alone living in deteriorating conditions with no one to look after them,” says Michalec. “Bringing friendship and a sense of value and dignity to those initial seniors has since become the hallmark of our work. ”

By 1959, Marquiset’s vision had spread to Chicago where the first U.S. chapter was established. Today, there are local chapters in seven U.S. cities and nine countries around the world recognized collectively as a non-governmental organization in consultative status (category II) with the United Nations Economic and Social Council. In 1985, the U.S. affiliation adopted the name of “Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly” (LBFE) to better reflect our programs and mission.

While part of the LBFE national network, each chapter is an independent non-profit organization overseen by its own board of directors and responsible for its own funding. Elders are served regardless of race, faith, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, financial means, mental health or physical condition.

One of those who found friendship courtesy of Friends of the Elderly is Lottie. “I get some of my meals delivered but I have no one to eat with, or to talk to,” said Lottie. “Before I started receiving visits I was lonely and depressed and sometimes didn’t talk to anyone for days. I am thankful for the meals. However, meals only feed a body. My friendship with my pal from Friends of the Elderly showed me how hungry I was for company – for time with someone who cares about me. I’m much happier now. Because of Friends of the Elderly, I feel more in touch with the world, more connected.”

Tickets for the event June 23rd event may be purchase online at the following link:

Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly is a national, non-profit, voluntary organization committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly offers to people of good will the opportunity to join the elderly in friendship and celebration of life.