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Make Goebbels Mansion a World Center Combat Hate Propaganda

Make Goebbels Mansion a World Center Combat Hate Propaganda

European Jewish Association Makes an Urgent Appeal to Berlin’s Minister of Finance:

Make Goebbels Mansion a World Center Combat Hate Propaganda

5 May 2024: The chairman of the European Jewish Association , EJA, Rabbi Menachem Margolin:
“Turning the mansion of the worst of all consciousness engineers in human history into a center for political psychology, communication, and combating hate speech would be an important moral victory. EJA is ready to examine the possibility of promoting the idea and realizing it.”

The chairman of the European Jewish Association ,EJA, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, wrote an official letter to Berlin’s Minister of Finance, Stefan Evers, expressing willingness to examine the possibility to take responsibility for the estate of Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, which the Berlin government is having trouble maintaining.

Addressing Berlin’s finance minister, Rabbi Margolin noted: “91 years since the Nazis came to power and the free world is once again facing waves of hatred that are motivated by consciousness engineering of poisonous propaganda, mass enframement and the creation of virtual reality with the sole purpose of sowing destruction and violence. It is precisely these days that Dr. Goebbels’ estate should not be demolished, but rather that it should be turned into a center of combating hate speech that will protect the free world from the dangerous trends that are repeating themselves in the entire Western world and in Germany in particular.”

The chairman of the European Jewish Association, EJA, Rabbi Menachem Margolin, writes to Minister Evers that the EJA is interested in exploring the possibility of turning the estate of the most terrible consciousness engineer in human history into a center for the study of political psychology, communication and the fight against hate speech.

“We are interested in implement the matter together with the Berlin government” notes Rabbi Margolin in his urgent letter to the minister. “In a chilling resemblance to what is happening now in another place where the Jewish people are being sought to be destroyed, this week marked exactly 79 years since Goebbels poisoned his six children and committed suicide in his tunnel. Let us make the estate of spreading absolute evil a source of spreading good. It would be an important moral victory.”

The European Jewish Association, EJA, founded by Rabbi Menachem Margolin in 2007, operates in hundreds of Jewish communities across the continent, initiates and coordinates the activities of dozens of Jewish organizations to combat anti-Semitism and for freedom of religion and worship in Europe.

The organization, which has become the “Jewish voice of Europe” in the eyes of many, holds conferences to raise awareness of the Holocaust and its lessons for EU leaders and leaders of countries, hosts delegations to extermination camps and promotes legislation against hate speech and the trade in Nazi memorabilia.
For more details and a conversation with Rabbi Margolin – Tal Rabina +972505331027