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Manny’s Installs 15 foot long LED Election Day Countdown Clock at 16th & Valencia in San Francisco

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Manny’s Installs 15 foot long LED Election Day Countdown Clock
at 16
th & Valencia in San Francisco

Noisebridge creates and installs digital display counting down
the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the polls close at
8pm Election Day: November 3, 2020Election Day. 

5 December 2019 – San Francisco, CA:  Manny’s (3092 16th Street at Valencia, San Francisco – no secret of its mission between now and the 2020 President Election: Defeat Donald Trump. To drive home the message, Manny’s has installed a 15-foot-long LED Election Day Countdown Clock, the work of artist Noah Haber and Noisebridge: a Mission district non-profit hackerspace for artists and audiences interested in the intersection of art, technology, and creative expression

 “What happens in the next year will define our politics and democracy for generations,” says Manny Yekutiel, 30, who founded and runs the eponymous community engagement space and café dubbed “the New Hampshire of California” (KCBS Radio) for its hosting of myriad political events including hosting 17 Democratic presidential candidates. “We must defeat Donald Trump and restore trust to the Office of the President. In keeping with Manny’s goal of creating physical space for civic engagement we, along with a group of hackers led by Noah Haber from Noisebridge, have created this uniquely San Francisco political statement.”

Facing Valencia Street at 16th, the clock and is currently counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the polls close at 8pm on Election Day: November 3, 2020. The “Countdown Clock” is believed to be the only publicly facing programed countdown clock of its kind in the country.

“The hope with this large bright countdown clock is to serve as a visual reminder of exactly how much time we have left to do everything we can to win the election in 2020,” says Yekutiel.  “San Francisco has a reputation of getting involved and leading for progress. We’re proud to have partnered with our Mission neighbors at Noisebridge to use technology and art to remind San Francisco that the time is now.”

Since opening its doors on Election Night 2018, Manny’s has become an epicenter of community involvement, dialogue and civic engagement having served over 50,000 people, staged over 400 events, donated space to more than 150 area nonprofits and charities by hosting 17 presidential candidates. Also, besides receiving copious media and public attention, Manny’s was recognized for his above-and-beyond achievements by the California State Senate as “Small Business of the Year.” 

Manny’s is a people powered, community focused meeting and learning place in the heart of San Francisco that combines a restaurant, political bookshop, and civic events space. Manny’s goal: to create a central and affordable place to become a better informed and more involved citizen. Manny’s offers its events space to nonprofits, activists and civic organizations to spread their message and do their work as well as hosting its own civic and arts related programming. Manny’s kitchen is run by the non-profit, Farming Hope, which hires formerly homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals and trains them in the food skills needed to work in the restaurant industry.