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May 11, SF’s City Civic Corps & Levi Strauss & Co. Partner for Habitat Restoration at India Basin

Media Contact: CSF Communications Director: 
Alexandra Liss / / (415) 767-6886
THURSDAY, MARCH 11 (10:30AM – 1:30PM)

City Civic Corps and Levi Strauss & Co.
Partner for Habitat Restoration at India Basin

San Francisco, CA – This Thursday, May 11th,  the City Civic Corps, a program funded by the $2M Civic Joy Fund, is partnering with Levi Strauss & Co., to host a community habitat restoration event where over 100 San Francisco volunteers will come to India Basin Shoreline park. The City Civic Corps is a program co-created by Tipping Point founder, Daniel Lurie and local business owner and respected civic leader, Manny Yekutiel. The idea came about based on the adage “many hands will make quick work.”

This Thursday’s City Civic Core meetup  is all about habitat restoration of San Francisco Recreation & Park’s most newly renovated park.  You can read about some of the  Habitat Restoration plan for India Basin here:

Chip Bergh, President and CEO of Levi Strauss & Co. says,  “this is our home. Levi Strauss & Co. was founded here in 1853 and this city helped make us what we are today. That’s why we’re more committed than ever to working alongside our employees, nonprofit partners, businesses and community members to be a positive force for change for the next 170 years.”

Amidst a climate of political polarization, it is crucial for the Civic Joy Fund’s fundraising efforts to remain apolitical and maintain an unwavering focus on the programs at hand. By doing so, the individuals and corporate partners who contributed to this effort are able to come together in a spirit of collaboration and support for the shared goal of advancing these programs for the benefit of the wider community

The volunteers will all share a lunch together after they volunteer. Chef Hugo will be curating a delicious box lunch for all the attendees. 

City Civic Corps is one of the many programs from the Civic Joy Fund, designed to help revitalize San Francisco through civic engagement.

India Basin Park is currently undergoing development to become a 64-acre waterfront park that will feature a wide range of amenities. The park will eventually connect 1.7 miles of the Bay Trail, making it a valuable addition to San Francisco’s public spaces.

Some of the planned features of the park include a boat launching pier, several fields and sports facilities, a nature playground, and plenty of water access. This transformation is particularly notable because it is taking place in an area of San Francisco that has historically been overlooked and underutilized.

Thursday May 11, 10:30am-1:30pm

India Basin Shoreline park.  The meet up point will be at Hunters Point Blvd & Hawes st, 950 Galvez Ave San Francisco, CA 94124.