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Media Advisory: Expert Commentary Available RE Iranian Attack on Israel

Media Advisory: Expert Commentary Available RE Iranian Attack on Israel

Given the significant events that unfolded last night in the Middle East, we have three esteemed experts available for commentary:

1.   Beni Sabti – Expert on Iran:
 – Researcher at the INSS Iran program and coordinator of the “Voices from Iran” podcast.
 – Born in Iran, migrated to Israel in 1987, served in the IDF focusing on Iranian cultural influence.
 – Holds an M.A in Political Science and Public Communications; commentator on Iranian affairs for global media.
 – Cultural advisor for the TV series “Tehran.”

2.  Dr. Chuck Freilich – Expert on American Foreign Policy in the Middle East:
 – Senior fellow at INSS, former deputy national security adviser in Israel.
 – Long-term affiliation with Harvard’s Belfer Center, author of multiple books on Israeli national security.
 – Specializes in U.S.-Middle East policy and has extensive experience as a media commentator.

3.  Dr. Jonathan Spyer – Expert on Arab Participation in Regional Conflicts:
 – Renowned for field research in Syria, Iraq, and Kurdish regions during conflicts.
 – Author of notable books and articles, regular contributor to Jane’s Intelligence Review and major international media.
 – Holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics, expert on the dynamics of Middle Eastern geopolitics.

Additionally, these experts, along with others at our disposal, are ready to discuss crucial topics such as:
 – The defensive capabilities of Israel and the potential outcomes of the attack had these not been in place.
 – Whether Israel might proceed with an offensive mission without coalition support.
 – Expected responses from Israel following the attack.
 – The implications of this incident for a wider regional war.
 – Shifts in American and international support for Israel following Iran’s aggressive actions against the Middle East’s sole democracy.

Please let us know if you’d like to be connected with these experts or someone else in particular. We can quickly arrange for these interviews.

— David Perry
cell: (415) 676-7007