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WHO: 16th Annual International Ocean Film Festival 

WHAT: Day Three Features Screenings in San Francisco and San Rafael

WHEN / WHERE Saturday, March 9: ##

10am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm Cowell Theater (Fort Mason, SF)

1:30pm Roxie Theatre (3117 16th Street, SF)

7pm: Smith Rafael Film Center (1118 4th St, San Rafael)


WHY: Since its launch in 2004, the San Francisco-based International Ocean Film Festival has attracted thousands of spectators of all ages from around the world, including film enthusiasts, sea athletes, educators, and environmental supporters. Since then, the Festival has presented on average over 50 films annually from 15 different countries and featured post-film Q&A sessions with visiting filmmakers, special panel discussions with content experts, and the Annual Free Student Education Program. It was the first event of its kind in North America, inspired by the well-established ocean festival in Toulon, France, Festival International du Film Maritime, which has continued to draw large audiences for more than 40 years. The International Ocean Film Festival is a registered 501(c) 3 non-profit.Sponsors for the 16th Annual International Ocean Film Festival include National Marine Sanctuaries, the Canadian Consulate of San Francisco and Silicon Valley, BigBus of San Francisco, SSA, RBC Wealth Management, Port of San Francisco, Alcatraz Cruises, San Francisco Magazine, and Hyatt Hotels, the Premiere Hotel Sponsor for the Festival. 

Detailed Schedule Follows:

Saturday, March 9 at 10am – Program #6
Presented by BigBus San Francisco

  • The Ocean’s Message, Cynthia Abbott* & Andrea Leland (USA) 5 min
  • The Salty Generations, Shaun Wolfe*, Shelby Oliver (USA) 8 min
  • Whitehall,Wendy Schuss* (USA) 9 min 
  • The Swimmer, Thomas Beug (Ireland) 12 min
  • Water Warrior, Monica Medellin* (USA) 4 min
  • Beach Watch, Mary Jane Schramm* (USA) 5 min – World Premiere
  • Surviving in the Lagoon, Gil Kebaili, Manuel Lefevre (France) 53 min – U.S. Premiere 

Saturday, March 9 at 1 pm – Program #7 SHARK PROGRAM
Presented by Alcatraz Cruises

  • Near Miss, Josh Berry* (USA) 12 min – Bay Area Premiere 
  • Farallon Patrol: Feeding the Devil’s Teeth, Paul McManus*, Kylie West, Chris Winn (USA) 10 min
  • The Angel’s Secrets, Elodie Turpin (Canada) 27 min – West Coast Premiere
  • 700 Sharks, Luc Marescot (France) 93 min – West Coast Premiere 

Saturday, March 9 at 1:30pm Roxie Theatre (3117 16th Street, San Francisco)

Program #1 

  • Bahía, Santiago Ramirez (Colombia) 8 min
  • Deep Time, Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen (Portugal) 10 min
  • New Caledonia, Mother of the Coral Sea, Shawn Heinrichs (New Caledonia) 14 min
  • Scars – Politics in the Big Blue, Karin Hartman (Netherlands) 65 min

Saturday, March 9 at 4pm – Program #8

  • Diving Surge Narrows, Grant Callegari, Tavish Campbell (Canada) 4 min
  • Defending The Deep, Will Parrinello* (USA) 6 min
  • Colors of Change, Jenny Nichols (USA) 22 min
  • Deep Look – Whack! Jab! Crack! It’s a Blackback Land Crab Smackdown, Elliott Kennerson (USA) 5 min
  • Call of the Baby Beluga,Suzanne Chisholm, Michael Parfit (Canada) 52 min

Saturday, March 9 at 7pm – Program #9
Presented by SSA

  • Wake Up, Haydn Fischer* (USA) 2 min
  • Deep Look – This Adorable Sea Slug is a Sneaky Little Thief, Joshua Cassidy* (USA) 5 min
  • A Feather to Kill, Hardy Jones**, Uli Ploefner (USA) 48 min – World Premiere 

Saturday, March 9 at 7pm – (Smith Rafael Film Center 1118 4th St, San Rafael, CA 94901) Program #2

  • Every Nine Minutes, DJ O’Neil, Oliver Hamilton*, (USA) 4 min – World Premiere
  • Chasing The Thunder, Mark Benjamin*, Marc Levin (USA) 96 min