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Neighborhood support for Another Planet

To whom it may concern:

I’m a 20-year Castro resident, frequent Castro Theatre moviegoer, and independent film producer. I’m writing to let you know that after careful consideration, I’m fully supportive of APE’s plans for the Castro. 

I encourage you to review their plans (here) as well as their FAQ (here) and you will see that the so-called Save-the-Castro Theatre Conservancy’s concerns are either completely unfounded, or have been thoroughly addressed.I’ve honestly been scouring the Save the Castro website and social media to find something tI object to, but I can’t find it. There’s no data – only hollow claims not based on facts about APE and the renovation including:

  1. APE is a good-faith, independent, local operator of incredibly high quality events at similarly historic venues (Greek Theatre, The Fox) where they are a thoughtful steward.
  2. APE’s management not only helps these venues survive, but in the case of the Fox in Oakland, they literally brought it back from the ashes after decades of abandonment.
  3. I’m convinced they’ve addressed the concerns of the community around programming and maintaining interior sloped seating.
  4. The renovations will make the theater more accessible to people with disabilities. This is especially true for the stage.

Lastly, as a Castro resident, regular, well-attended events at the Castro will draw thousands of people into the neighborhood, supporting local businesses and enhancing the vibrancy and safety of the Upper Market neighborhood. Delaying the renovation on baseless claims will only hurt  theCastro and the neighborhood.

I’d encourage you all to look at the facts behind the renovation and APE’s track record. If you do, I think you will come to the same conclusion I have. 

Many thanks, 

Brian Kemler

San Francisco