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On Friday, June 28 “Suit Up” For Good

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On Friday, June 28 “Suit Up” For Good!

Macy’s and the Union Square Alliance 
Presents the Third Annual “Suit Up” Fashion Show and Makeover featuring 14 young men and women from the Bayview Neighborhood.

20 June 2024 — San Francisco, CA: Call it fashion forward paying it forward. On Friday, June 28, the annual “SuitUp!” fashion show and training program provides 14 young men and women from San Francisco’s Bayview with personalized outfits selected by Macy’s stylist team to better prepare them for the work-a-day world. Alongside advice and mentoring, the program focuses on building self-esteem and life skills for professional development. Sponsored by Macy’s in collaboration with Black Men Enhanced, Operation Genesis, the SF Police Department, the SF District Attorney’s Office, and the Union Square Foundation, SuitUp culminates with a fashion show(June 28, 3pm – 4:30pm, 6th Floor of Macy’s at 251 Geary Street) where participants model their new outfits, followed by a celebratory luncheon at The Historic John’s Grill.

“These young people are truly inspirational, and their dedication to their goals inspires us all,” said Marisa Rodriguez, CEO of Union Square Alliance. “Having worked for many years in the San Francisco District Attorney’s office, I know how important initiatives like ‘SuitUp’ are to breaking the cycle of violenceI want young people of our city to experience Union Square as a place for them to celebrate life’s greatest moments. This program defines a smart and compassionate partnership between business, law enforcement, and the community. I applaud all of the organizations involved with a special thank you to Macy’s.” 

The inaugural 2022 cohort of Suit Up!, which included young African American men from Bayview’s Alice Griffith Community, participated in a year-long mentorship program focused on empowering and supporting young men during a crucial age. Last year, the second cohort of fifteen young African American women, aged 13-20 from SF’s Ladies in Powerprogram, participated in a six-week intensive program focusing on self-esteem and confidence building, addressing unrealistic beauty standards and social media pressures. This year’s group of young men comes from Operation Genesis. The women’s contingent is drawn from interns and others working in the District Attorney’s Office.

Upon completion of this year’s program, the young people will have the opportunity to meet with a Macy’s stylist and purchase their first work suit and accessories courtesy of Macy’s. They will also participate in the Macy’s Runway Show on June 28, showcasing their new suits and celebrating their growth and transformation. 

The idea for “SuitUp” came in 2021 through Robert Newt, a Supervisor at the Street Violence Intervention Program. Determined to see the young people he works with succeed, Newt started a mentoring program with a year-long curriculum focused on self-esteem and positive transformations. 

“My vision for this mentoring program was to collaborate with community partners and teach young people about the power of self-esteem,” said Newt. “I strongly believe that if we can get these young people to love themselves and see how powerful they are, we can help set them up to be strong leaders in our communities.” 

The San Francisco Street Violence Intervention Program is an outreach and crisis response program hosted in the Department of Public Health. Created in 2013 to reduce and intervene in youth-related street violence for the City and County of San Francisco. The “SuitUp” pilot project has gained enthusiastic support from its community partners, including the SFPD and District Attorney’s Office.

“Congratulations to the young people participating in Suit Up,” said San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins.  “They are exceptional young people with bright futures ahead who have demonstrated their commitment to improving themselves and our community.” 

“We are so proud to support 15 young people in this third year of the program,” said San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott.  “The ‘Suit Up’ initiative is about helping young people build confidence to learn to help themselves and their communities.” 

For more information on this Violence Intervention Program, please contact Chief Tiffany Sutton, SFDA’s Chief of Collaborative Justice, at

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