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Reclaiming Our Spiritual Heritage

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Reclaiming Our Spiritual Heritage: An LGBTQ Spirituality Virtual Conference Announced June 17 – 24

9 May 2023 – San Francisco, CA:  As a direct response to the rise of anti-LGBTQ crimes in recent years, “Don’t Say Gay,” anti-trans issues, and book bannings regularly in the news, The Reclaiming Our Spiritual Heritage: An LGBTQ Spirituality Virtual Conference, June 17-24, 2023, challenges the connection between homophobia and religion. The conference, featuring a wide array of internationally known LGTBTQ+ voices, provides a timely and relevant platform to raise awareness and inspire change and aims to help the LGBTQ community find deeper levels of wholeness and self-acceptance.

“It’s tragic that many in the LGBTQ community struggle with issues around spirituality. We confuse it with religion and, no wonder, given the treatment we have received at the hands of most religions,” said conference organizer Christian de la Huerta, author of Coming Out Spiritually and Awakening the Soul of Power. “But what’s ironic about that is that before the patriarchal cultures and religions, people that we today refer to as LGBTQ were not only spiritually inclined, but were honored for the roles of spiritual service and leadership they played all over the world.”

Speakers include, among others,  Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil, Crown Prince of the State of Gujarat in India, still the only openly gay prince in the world; Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator of The Metropolitan Community Church (MCC), an international LGBT-affirming mainline Protestant Christian denomination; Kierra Johnson, Executive Director of the National LGBTQ Task ForceClyde Hall, an internationally recognized and acknowledged authority of Native American culture, dance ritual and folkways; and Richard Blanco, the fifth poet to read at a United States presidential inauguration, having read the poem “One Today” for Barack Obama’ssecond inauguration. He is the first immigrant, the first Latino, the first openly gay person and at the time the youngest person to be the U.S. inaugural poet.

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