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Red Alert

Red Alert

On Tuesday, September 1, from 9pm-midnight, theaters and event venues across North America will be asked to light ghost lights on their stages, light their buildings in red and use hashtag #WeMakeEvents to symbolize the struggle of the industry, which has been shuttered since March, 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 

By the Numbers

The live entertainment industry is a cornerstone of the U.S. economy. It employs over 12 million people and provides upwards of $1 trillion in economic impact – more than the transportation, agriculture and tourism industries. However, due to the global pandemic, the live events industry is in grave danger. A devastating number of arts professionals are currently out of work and will be for some time, with the pandemic having shut down nearly all entertainment functions in all sectors. 

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the industry has been completely shattered reporting that:

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95% of entertainment events have been cancelled.

62% of entertainment workers are fully unemployed.

94% of entertainment workers have lost income. 

The average arts worker reports $23,500 in losses thus far.

• 66% of entertainment workers are unable to access spaces, staff, resources, or supplies needed to do their jobs.

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How You Can Help

As theatres, concert tours, festivals, opera houses, trade shows, and other live events as well as film and television production remain closed, or open on a very limited basis, the entire industry is impacted. You can help by: 

  1. On or before September 1, capture dark sets and stages with ghostlights (as seen in Red Rocks photo above)
  2. On or before September 1, light your venue red (for RED ALERT)
  3. On or before September 1, display #WeMakeEvents with your changeable lettering or our pre-created graphics below on your marquee or electronic billboard
  4. On or before September 1, anytime from 9pm-12am, station crew outside your venue wearing #WeMakeEvents 

t-shirts (wearing masks & social distancing)

  1. Contact to coordinate pickup of free #WeMakeEvents t-shirts your team

Capture & Share Content for Your Venue

Make sure to capture impactful photos and videos of your venue’s activation! You can start sharing content immediately to show you are participating as well as on Sept 1st (Share THIS POST from We Make Events North America)

  1. UPLOAD ALL PICTURES AND VIDEOS: Shared Venue Google Drive
  • (Include your venue name in each photo/video file example: RedRocks-1.jpg)
  1. SHARE ON YOUR SOCIALS using #WeMakeEvents