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Chinese Historical Society of America

San Francisco Chinatown Comes Together to Say No More Exclusion!

Chinese Historical Society of America

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San Francisco Chinatown Comes Together to Say “No More Exclusion!”, Connects Chinese Exclusion Act to Current Exclusion in America

What: Chinatown groups that span from direct services, to advocacy, to culture, to history and education, to elected officials are hosting a press conference discussing the link between the  Chinese Exclusion Act and current racist, anti-immigrant policies affecting American people today

When: Thursday, May 4th, 2017 at 10am

Where: Chinese Historical Society, 965 Clay Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

Why: In a time where all communities are being attacked, Chinese and Asian Americans have a responsibility to remember our history and stand in solidarity with other communities

In just 100 days, the new administration has managed to pass policies and promote hateful rhetoric that has affected communities of color, immigrants, workers, women, youth, and families.

On Thursday, May 4, Chinatown groups that span from direct services, to advocacy, to culture, to history and education, to elected officials are gathering to say, “No More Exclusion!,” and to draw the connections between the historic oppression of the Chinese community and the current discrimination facing people of color and immigrants.

Speakers will include:


  • Sue Lee, Executive Director from the Chinese Historical Society, who will share key points from the Chinese Exclusion Act and how the Act created America’s first class of “illegal immigrants” Katherine Toy, President of  the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, who will share stories of the rich history of Chinese resistance, from lawsuits to registry boycotts;

  • Cynthia Choi, Senior Advisor from Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA), who will talk about why and how the #NoMoreExclusion team came together and show a short video called “Resist Exclusion!”;

  • Wei Lee, Program Coordinator from Asian Students Promoting Immigrant Rights through Education (ASPIRE), who will share his own story and the stories and challenges facing the Chinese undocumented community;

  • Sharif Zakout, Lead Organizer from Arab Resource Organizing Center (AROC) will share the struggles facing the Muslim community and draw parallels between attacks facing Chinese and Muslim immigrants;

  • Rev. Norman Fong from Chinatown Community Development Center (CCDC), who will talk about the importance of San Francisco Chinatown as a symbol of our oppression and resilience;

  • Sandy Lee Fewer from the Board of Supervisors, who will acknowledge other Asian American Pacific Islander elected officials who are fighting against exclusion & talk about the city resolution to set May 6th as the Day of Inclusion; and

  • Joyce Lam, Senior Community Organizer from Chinese Progressive Association who will invite audience members to attend Rally for Inclusion at Portsmouth Square to mark the 135th Anniversary of the passage of the Chinese Exclusion Act.

As Chinese and Asian Americans who have faced oppression throughout history, we must come together to say no to exclusion. The press conference and the Saturday Rally for Inclusion not only reminds us of Chinese history, but will also serve as a kick-off to resist exclusion and promote  efforts for more inclusion of all people in all facets of our lives.