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San Francisco Mayor London N. Breed Interviewed Thursday, April 2 as part of Manny’s Super Civic Cyber Conversations

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San Francisco Mayor London N. Breed Interviewed Thursday, April 2 as part of Manny’s Super Civic Cyber Conversations

Unprecedented LIVE online gathering of civic leaders continues Manny’s tradition as place to community building and civic engagement

15-20k viewers expected & many news outlets tuning in and participating

San Francisco Mayor London N. Breed Takes Part in Online Forum:
Leading San Francisco in a Time of Crisis
Mayor London Breed was re-elected to be the Mayor of San Francisco just months before the halting of much of the world’s economy and the outbreak of a global pandemic. She is leading San Francisco during unprecedented times and her decisions are having real world consequences for the life and well-being of us all. Tune in to hear her in conversation with Manny’s and to ask her your questions during this time our City’s history. 

Thursday, April 2 – 4pm

We’ll be using Zoom to broadcast all of the Manny’s Super Civic Cyber Conversations. Folks can register at and

To continue our mission, Manny’s is hosting over one hundred live civic conversations over video for the public.  We’ll be providing opportunities for the public to continue to be civically engaged all at the convenience of their home for free or with a suggested donation.  With an expected reach of 15,000 – 20,000 viewers with many news outlets also tuning in and participating.

Manny’s was opened with a crystal clear purpose: civically engage the public in person. It’s imperative that we rise to the occasion and continue to bring hope and inspiration to the public given the times in which we find ourselves.  I’m humbled and excited at how quickly our team put together the “Manny’s Super Civic Cyber Conversations,” and I look forward to continuing to put in the work.


  • Heklina (3/23) 1 p.m. – Heklina has been entertaining the SF nightlife for over two decades. Being half Icelandic, she named herself after the Icelandic volcano Hekla
  • LT. Eleni Kounalakis (3/23) 3 p.m. – Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis was sworn in as the first woman elected Lieutenant Governor of California by Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Laurie Thomas (3/23) 5 p.m. – Laurie owns and operates local restaurants Rose’s Cafe and Terzo and is a board member of the Golden Gate Restaurant Association 
  • Tom Temprano (3/23) 7 p.m. – Member Board Of Trustees at City College of San Francisco & Legislative Aide, Office of Supervisor Rafael Mandelman
  • Myrna Melgar (3/24) 3 p.m. – Myrna Melgar is the Executive Director of the Jamestown Community Center
  • Gregory Ferenstein (3/24) 5 p.m. – Gregory Ferenstein is the editor of the Ferenstein Wire, a syndicated publication on tech, health, and politics
  • Max Patinkin (3/24) 7 p.m. – Max is a lawyer and second generation family farmer (on both his father’s and mother’s side). He’s passionate about civic and community engagement, including chairing a recent red-to-blue congressional campaign and assisting in the launch of Manny’s. 
  • Audrey Cooper (3/25) 1 p.m. – Audrey Cooper is the editor in chief of the San Francisco Chronicle, the first woman to fill the role in the company’s 153-year history
  • Aram Fischer (3/25) 3 p.m. – Aram escalated his action substantially in response to the 2016 election, taking on a leadership role with Indivisible San Francisco
  • Jeff Kositsky (3/25) 5 p.m. – Jeff Kositsky is a recognized leader in innovative solutions to homelessness and poverty in the United States and internationally
  • Broke-Ass Stuart (3/25) 7 p.m. – Travel Writer. TV Host. Poet. Motherf*cking Hustler. San Francisco is THAT city. How do we continue to honor the greatness of it? The funk. The weirdness. The all of it. 
  • Eliza Nemser (3/26) 1 p.m. – Eliza Nemser is an earth scientist, environmental advocate, and organizer with over 15 years of technical, research, and consulting experience. 
  • Hadar Aviram (3/26) 3 p.m. – Professor Hadar Aviram specializes in criminal justice, civil rights, law and politics, and social movements, and her research employs socio-legal perspectives and methodologies
  • Tyler MacNiven (3/26) 5 p.m. – Tyler MacNiven is a producer and director, known for Kintaro Walks Japan (2005), Jonny Ramada (2017) and Big in Bollywood (2011)
  • Cody Harris (3/26) 7 p.m.– Mr. Harris also developed a first-hand understanding of a prosecutor’s mindset by spending a year trying and resolving cases at the Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office
  • Shamann Walton (03/27) 1 p.m.Supervisor Shamann Walton is the Supervisor for District 10 of San Francisco. 
  • DA Chesa Boudin (3/27) 3 p.m. – Chesa Boudin is the District Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco
  • Leah Culver (3/27) 5 p.m. – Computer programmer and startup founder Leah Culver is a 2006 computer science graduate of the University of Minnesota
  • Levi Maxwell (3/27) 7 p.m. – Let’s talk about the ideal queer dance scene with our dearest friend Levi Maxwell! Grab yourself a drink and let’s kiki! 
  • Del Seymour (3/28) 1 p.m. –  Del Seymour founded Code Tenderloin in 2015
  • Mark G DeVito (3/28) 3 p.m.– Mark has owned a portfolio of bars in SF for a decade and is well-networked in the field
  • David Plouffe (3/28) 5 p.m. – David Plouffe is an American political strategist best known as the campaign manager for Barack Obama’s successful 2008 presidential campaign
  • Lateefah Simon (3/28) 7 p.m. – Lateefah Simon was elected to serve District 7 on the BART Board of Directors on November 8, 2016
  • Larry Baer (3/29) 1 p.m. – Laurence M. Baer is the Chief Executive Officer of the San Francisco Giants of Major League Baseball
  • David Perry (3/29) 3 p.m. – David Perry is a crisis communications consultant and a member of SF Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors.
  • Andrea Dew Steele (3/29) 5 p.m. – Andrea Dew Steele is the Founder of Emerge America and the Co-Founder of our first affiliate, Emerge California
  • Abbie Dillen (3/30) 1 p.m. – Abigail Dillen is the President of Earthjustice, leading the organization’s staff, board and supporters to advance our mission of using the courts to protect our environment and people’s health
  • Stacy Mason (3/30) 3 p.m. –  Stacy is a co-founder of Electing Women San Francisco, a giving circle that is part of a new national network
  • Jane Kim (3/30) 5 p.m. – Once SF’s most prominent supervisors, now Jane Kim heads the Bay Area campaign operations for presidential candidate Bernie Sanders 
  • Patrick Ayscue (03/30) 6 p.m. – Dr. Ayscue is an applied epidemiologist with over ten years of experience in infectious disease outbreak response, surveillance, and analysis. He has previously worked as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, where he was deployed to Liberia early in the course of the West Africa Ebola virus outbreak in 2014.
  • Betty Yee (3/30) 7 p.m. – State Controller Betty T. Yee was elected in November 2014, following two terms of service on the California Board of Equalization
  • Rosny Daniel (03/31) 11 a.m. “My Experience with Coronavirus: UCSF ER Doctor Rosny Daniel”– Medical staff is on the frontline of this pandemic, risking their lives to save the lives of others. Dr. Rosny Daniel is Assistant Professor at the Department of Emergency Medicine who contracted Coronavirus.
  • Heather Knight (3/31) 1 p.m. – San Francisco Chronicle columnist; host of SF City Insider podcast; co-founder of #TotalSF and #49MileMakeover; cable car bell ringing judge; public transit fan
  • Morgan Bailey (3/31) 3 p.m. – Morgan Bailey’s curiosity led me to pursue a PhD in Engineering, a Masters in Public Health, and a certificate in Co-Active Coaching
  • Sam Moss (3/31) 5 p.m. – Sam Moss oversees the administration of all Mission Housing assets, programs and services
  • Kevin Roose (3/31) 7 p.m. – Kevin Roose is a columnist for Business Day and a writer-at-large for The New York Times Magazine
  • Jeff Bleich (4/01) 5 p.m. – Longtime friend of President Obama, Jeffrey Laurence Bleichis an American lawyer and diplomat from California, currently the chair of Pacific Gas and Electric Company and of the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board
  • Scott Wiener (4/01) 7 p.m. – Scott Wiener is an American politician and a member of the California State Senate
  • Regulating through Crisis (4/02) 1 p.m. – Comedian and playwright Luna Malbroux and Trauma Expert Sarah Buffie explore ways to help ground ourselves and our friends during tough times
  • SF Mayor London N. Breed (4/02) 4 p.m.Leading San Francisco in a Time of CrisisMayor London Breed was re-elected to be the Mayor of San Francisco just months before the halting of much of the world’s economy and the outbreak of a global pandemic. She is leading San Francisco during unprecedented times and her decisions are having real world consequences for the life and well-being of us all. Tune in to hear her in conversation with Manny’s and to ask her your questions during this time our City’s history. 
  • Rebecca Rolfe (4/02) 7 p.m. – Rebecca Rolfe is a community activist who has worked on issues of social justice for over twenty-eight years
  • Valerie Jarrett (04/03) 11 a.m. “Presidential Leadership During Crisis: A Conversation with Valerie Jarrett”– Ms. Jarrett was the longest serving Senior Advisor to President Barack Obama. She oversaw the Offices of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs and Chaired the White House Council on Women and Girls..
  • Emmett Shear (4/03) 1 p.m. – Emmett Shear is an American internet entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder of live video platforms and TwitchTV with and is the Chief executive officer of Twitch.
  • Deborah Cullinan (4/03) 3 p.m. – Deborah Cullinan is the Chief Executive Officer for Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
  • Debra Walker (4/03) 7 p.m. – Artist and housing policy advisor Debra Walker serves on the San Francisco Arts Commission, appointed by Mayor London Breed
  • Terry Beswick (4/6) 1 p.m. – – Executive Director at GLBT Historical Society. San Francisco is rich in LGBTQ+ history. However, how do we remember LGBT history? How do we honor it? Why is it that we don’t have a museum?
  • Marianne Williamson (4/6) 2 p.m. – Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, political activist and spiritual thought leader. For over three decades Marianne has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles. She was one of 29 Democratic candidates to run for president in 2020. 
  • Eric Swalwell (4/06) 5 p.m. – Eric Swalwell in 2012 was elected to represent California’s Fifteenth Congressional District, which includes a large part of the East Bay
  • Matt Haney (04/06) 6 p.m. – As President of the Board of Education, Haney was known for tackling some of the city’s biggest challenges with creative solutions. He led initiatives to build affordable housing for teachers and protect them from evictions, launch a new school in Mission Bay, secure housing and expand services for homeless students, and ensure all our kids have access to computer science and technology.
  • Rudy Gonzalez (04/06) 7 p.m. – In 2018, Rudy Gonzalez was selected to be the youngest Executive Director and first person of color to head the San Francisco Labor Council in its 125 year history.After leading organizing campaigns that nearly doubled the size and strength of his local union, he became a director and officer of Local 856. 
  • Christine Pelosi (04/07) 1 p.m. – Pelosi is the author of Campaign Boot Camp 2.0 (2012) and Campaign Boot Camp: Basic Training for Future Leaders’ (2007), books used in her leadership training for candidates and causes. Since 2005 she has directed the AFSCME PEOPLE Congressional Candidates Boot Camp, which prepares Democrats for campaigns and has helped over 40 challengers get elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. 
  • Rob Avruch (4/07) 5 p.m. – Advocacy Associate, Housing Affordability at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. You can ask them anything. The floor is open. 
  • Joaquin Torres (04/07) 7 p.m. – Joaquín Torres is the Director of the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development.
  • Jamie Rudman (04/08) 3 p.m. –Jamie Rudman has more than twenty years of experience representing management in labor and employment matters.   
  • Dr. Judy Kuriansky (4/08) 5 p.m. – Dr. Judy Kuriansky is a world renowned radio advice host, clinical psychologist and certified sex therapist, popular lecturer, newspaper columnist, and author of many books
  • Rodney Fong (04/09) 3 p.m. – Fong sat on San Francisco’s Port Commission for four years and also on the city’s Planning Commission. Fong was also the chair of the San Francisco Travel Association board. Now he is the president of SF Chamber of Commerce.
  • Ritchie Torres (04/09) 7 p.m. – Ritchie Torres is an American politician from New York.. Elected in 2013, he is the first openly gay candidate to be elected to legislative office in the Bronx, and the youngest member of the city council. 
  • Jess Nguyen (04/10) 3 p.m. – Join us for a conversation with student activist, Jess Nguyen, on Community College of San Francisco’s student activism. 
  • Jim Haas (04/10) 7 p.m. – James W. Haas has lived most of his life in the city. Now retired, he has written about San Francisco including a biography of the long-forgotten Mayor Edward Robeson Taylor which appeared in the San Francisco Museum and Historical Society’s journal.
  • Ben Bleiman (04/13) 3 p.m. – Ben is currently the President of the California Music & Culture Association, which is the only trade group to represent bars, clubs, music venues and music festivals in SF. 
  • Aria Sa’id (04/13) 5 p.m. – Aria Sa’id is a transgender advocate and award winning political strategist based in San Francisco Bay Area. She is a founder and the Executive Director of the Compton’s Transgender Cultural District- the world’s first transgender district.
  • Laura Tam (04/15) 1 p.m. – Laura Tam is the Sustainable Development Policy Director at SPUR, a Bay Area think-tank and one of the leading urban policy groups in the United States. 
  • Jeffrey Tumlin (4/15) 7 p.m. – Jeffrey Tumlin is the former director of strategy at Nelson\Nygaard Consulting Associates, a San Francisco-based transportation planning and engineering firm that focuses on sustainable mobility
  • Hillary Ronen (04/16) 1 p.m. “Q&A with District 9 Supervisor Hillary Ronen”– Supervisor Ronen attended UC Berkeley School of Law. Upon graduating she joined La Raza Centro Legal in San Francisco’s Mission District  where I spent over six years fighting for immigrants’ rights and organizing to get unpaid back wages for domestic workers and day laborers. She went on as Chief of Staff for-then Supervisor of District 9, David Campos. 
  • Naomi Kelly (04/21) 1 p.m.– Naomi Kelly is San Francisco’s City Administrator, the highest-ranking non-elected official of San Francisco City and County government.  In this capacity, Ms. Kelly oversees 25 departments, divisions, and programs 
  • Ben Rosenfield (4/22) 7 p.m. – Ben Rosenfield serves as the City Controller. Mr. Rosenfield was initially appointed to a 10-year term as Controller by Mayor Gavin Newsom in Spring 2008 and re-appointed to a second term by Mayor Mark Farrell in Spring 2018
  • Lex Sloan (4/24) 3 p.m. – Manager of the movie theart The Roxie, Alexis ‘Lex’ Sloan is an American, Jewish, middle-class feminist filmmaker
  • Cecilia Cabello (04/24) 7 p.m. – Cecilia Cabello is the Vice President of the Board of Public Works.  She was appointed by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in November 2018. She was tapped as Hillary for America’s California State Director during the 2016 general campaign and California Deputy Political Director for the 2016 primary campaign.
  • Tal Klement (4/27) 7 p.m. – Tal Klement is a Deputy Public Defender in the San Francisco Public Defender’s Office

***Meena Harris TBD “Inspiring Hope Online with Meena Harris”– Meena Harris is an American lawyer, tech-policy expert, political activist, and entrepreneur. She is the niece of California Senator, Kamala Harris. On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2017, she launched the Phenomenal Woman Action Campaign, a grassroots fundraising initiative that benefits women’s organizations like Planned Parenthood and EMILY’s List.