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San Francisco’s Castro Theatre Screens Landmark Documentary “Dani’s Twins”

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San Francisco’s Castro Theatre Screens Landmark Documentary
“Dani’s Twins” September 29
Event includes Accessibility Roundtable with Producer / Star Dani Izzie

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

View the Dani’s Twins trailer here:

“Beautiful, powerful and demonstrates how strength and belief in oneself can combat discrimination.”

– Judith Heumann, Disability Rights Activist

“A glimpse into a world of motherhood that most people think impossible.”

– Angela Rockwood, Producer “Push Girls”

“A beautiful exploration of the joys of interdependence.”

– Nina Tame, Disability Advocate

The Dani’s Twins documentary provides a rare, intimate look into the topics of disability, pregnancy and adaptive parenthood, viewed through the lens of one woman’s personal journey.  On Thursday, September 29 leading into Disability Awareness Month, San Francisco’s iconic Castro Theatre will host a screening of the film followed by a roundtable with its subject and producer Dani Izzie alongside Steve Dorst Director, Cinematographer, Angie Gentile Producer and Andy Arias Producer.  Doors for the event open at 6:00 pm with screening beginning at 7:00 pm.  Tickets for the event are on sale now for $25 at the Castro Theatre box office or online at

The 40-minute documentary film captures the pregnancy and early parenting journey of Dani Izzie, one of the few quadriplegics in history to ever give birth to twins. Dani’s pregnancy is highly unusual and susceptible to an array of risks, from stroke to early labor. When Covid strikes, it raises the stakes for an already complicated pregnancy and, with the filmmakers physically distanced, puts the documentary at risk. Incredibly, Dani works with the team to capture her own story, despite her limited dexterity and the strains of pregnancy. Amid these ups and downs, Dani’s story depicts her unwavering determination against all odds to deliver healthy babies and be a great mother.

Having already screened as an official selection at such notable festivals as DC Shorts International Film Festival, Toronto International Women Film Festival and Mountainfilm Festival, Dani’s Twins comes to San Francisco’s Castro Theatre for a special screening and roundtable.  A roundtable discussion, featuring Jennison Asuncion (panel moderator and Head of Accessibility Engineering Evangelism, LinkedIn), Lawrence Carter Long (disability advocate and Director, DisCourse & Development), and Dani Izzie, among others, will offer a fresh look at how access and disability inclusion are evolving in a changing world.  The venue in partnership with Bay Area independent promoter Another Planet Entertainment, who has a long-standing history of working to preserve and improve historic buildings, is in motion to update the legendary entertainment house including plans for increased accessibility for the disability community.

“My aim is for this film to be part of the current cultural moment that is seeing disabled people take ownership of disability narratives,” says Dani Izzie. “When our experiences are authenticated through honest representation and the reappropriation of our own voices, we can catalyze change and foster inclusion.” 

Adds Izzie, “I am thrilled to partner with APE for the screening of our film at the legendary Castro, which will soon become a more inclusive space. The renovation plans are a deeply vital element for both patrons and artists in the disability community, and will expand the reach of this treasured theatre. As a disabled woman, artist, and producer, I feel grateful to screen Dani’s Twins and warmly welcome an often-underserved population in such an historical place.”

Dani Izzie, Producer and Protagonist,the subject of the film, is a new mom, wife, communications professional and disability influencer. When Dani became a quadriplegic as a young adult in 2009, she didn’t have any insight into the lives of upwards of 20% of the US population living with a disability. Dani’s recovery entailed more than just medical journey—it involved a profound reset of her own disability biases. As she adapted to her situation and as her understanding of disability evolved, she came to embrace her new identity. Today she’s a disability culture advocate, who is informed, confident and proactive. Her chair and lifestyle are an extension of who she is: A badass, smart, creative person. Dani is sharing her personal journey to help others with disabilities who are considering or experiencing parenthood. As her platform grows, it will inspire people to rethink their preconceptions and gain a new understanding of what ability means. Learn more about Dani Izzie at and

Dani’s Twins is the premiere release of PERPETUO FILMS, a studio that produces entertaining content for people who give a damn. Our active slate of programming includes Dani’s Twins; Patrol, the battle to preserve Nicaragua’s rainforest from illegal cattle ranching; and Eat Bitter, the first English-language documentary out of the Central African Republic, capturing the tensions between Chinese migrants and local workers during a civil war. In 2021, our films secured grants and partnered with the biggest global names in nonfiction storytelling: Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA), the Ford Foundation, the Sundance Institute, Mountainfilm, the European Union, Re:wild, Netflix Ambulante, Durban FilmMart, and others. Perpetuo Films and aims to accelerate the web3 creator economy to amplify filmmaker autonomy, control, and ownership. 

Another Planet Entertainment is partnering with Bay Properties, Inc., owners of the Castro Theatre,  on an evolution and preservation of San Francisco’s world-renowned entertainment and LGBTQ community landmark. With a long-standing history of working to preserve and improve historic buildings such as the Fox Theater in Oakland, the Greek Theatre in Berkeley and the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, Another Planet seeks to enhance the Castro Theatre by implementing substantial disability upgrades along with significant improvements to the sound, lighting, production, heating and ventilation and the theatre’s trademark marquee, among other facets of the building: all of this, always, with an eye to honoring its unique place in the life of the Castro and celebrating its communities and residents.

The Castro Theatre is located at 429 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.  Follow  for more information.

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