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Sausalito Artists @ Work “Labors of Love for Labor Day”

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Sausalito Artists @ Work “Labors of Love for Labor Day”

Northern California Local Arts Collaborative Holds 4th Annual Open Studios

 Labor Day Weekend, September 3, 4 & 5

31 May 2011 – Sausalito, CA: Why travel the world when you’ve got a local legacy of world-class art right in your own backyard? Over the leisurely Labor Day Weekend, discover the art next door (and just over the Golden Gate Bridge) at one of California’s most creative collectives, Sausalito Artists @ Work (  

“Our work is literally a labor of love, for Labor Day. The Bay Area is a leader in how to shop local for food, so what better than to shop local for art,” says artist Sue Averell, an internationally recognized artist and the founder of Sausalito Artists @ Work, celebrating their fourth annual open studios September 3, 4 & 5.  “Visitors to the Sausalito ICB Art Studios at Gate 5 Road will have a chance not only to see artwork produced by local artists, but see and speak with the artists in their studio environments where they create their work.”

Sausalito Artists @ Work are part of “the most artistically vital spot in Sausalito” (Marinscope): the ICB. Born in the spring of 1942, out of the pressing needs of the War effort, the ICB – Industrial Center Building — rapidly became a center of ship building in the district that came to be called “Marinship.”

“This is the definition of turning swords into plowshares,” said Averell.  “As artists, we heal the world with every brush stroke, every chip of our sculptors chisel. Working in this space, with so many other colleagues, is a powerful experience.”

The last Marinship launching took place 1945.  Now, more than 65 years later, the 110,000 square foot ICB is known for launching the careers of artists. Noted for its generous and flexible industrial style spaces, the ICB has become the creative and commercial home to dozens of painters, sculptors, fabric artists, jewelers, photographers, multimedia producers, sound studios – the members of Sausalito Artists @ Work.

“This will be an unprecedented weekend for the arts in Marin,” said Averell, noting that the famed Sausalito Arts Festival will be taking place just a short distance away from the ICB. “The Sausalito Arts Festival always features a high caliber of nationally located artists. Our locally-based Sausalito Artists @ Work collective is a wonderful counterpoint. We’re encouraging arts lovers to visit both.”

Sausalito Artists @ Work is comprised of Chris Adessa, Sue Averell, Deborah Bertola, Ellen Levine Dodd, Cynthia Duncan, Miriam Ellingson, Frances Galli, Elizabeth Gorek, Bonnie Himberg, Brian Huber, Carol Jacobsen, Kathleen McMahon, Sherry Miller, Cheryl Rabin, Dani Roach, Anna Noelle Rockwell, Joanne Salz, Darcy J. Sears, Hillary Sloss and Gail Sterling.  The Sausalito Artists @ Work Open Studios has no admission fee and is open to the public. Open studios run Saturday, Sunday & Monday, September 3, 4 & 5, 11am ‘til 6pm. Featured will be paintings, photography, sculpture and fibre art by more than 25 “Sausalito Artists @ Work.”