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SCRIBBLINGS – June 13, 2022

SCRIBBLINGS – June 13, 2022

 From Bill Miller 

May 2022

Thu May 18th Fort Lauderdale:  Cruising growth!   The luxury segment of the worldwide cruise industry has grown 119 percent since 2012 to an annual passenger capacity of approximately 721,078 passengers in 2022, from 324,512 in 2012. With more new ships under construction or on order, the market segment is projected to continue to grow to reach nearly 1.2 million passengers by 2027.

Above:  The luxurious Sea Dream II at St Thomas in a photo by Andy Hernandez

The expedition market, albeit smaller than the luxury segment, has seen even more dramatic growth over the past 10 years, from approximately 67,000 passengers in 2012 to 367,557 in 2022, for a 450 percent expansion. The market is projected to grow to more than 430,000 passengers annually by 2027. And more new ships are in the planning stages.

While the percentage growth for luxury and expedition cruise market segments is dramatic, the contemporary and premium market segments are far larger at a total of approximately 27.5 million passengers in 2022 from 17.6 million in 2012.

Busy day!  Cunard has reported that the first day (last Tuesday) of bookings for new ship Queen Anne proved their busiest booking day in a decade.

Temporary cuts!  Carnival Cruise Line is limiting dining options across its 23-ship fleet. According to the cruise line, the measure is part of an effort to reduce the impact of crew shortages, which are impacting its culinary team. The company is one of many facing crew challenges.  PS:  A message from friends aboard another cruise line and reporting similar cuts to onboard services, especially specialty dining venues, and that some hotel staff had just been hired the day of departure.