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Sketching Orvieto: Capture a Magnificent Italian Hill Town in Watercolor

Sketching Orvieto: Capture a Magnificent Italian Hill Town in Watercolor 

September 22 – 29, 2019 
19 September 2019 – Orvieto, Italy: For the second straight year in a row, a group of international artists will converge on Orvieto’s historical centre to participate in a sketching workshop headed by American-cum-Roman artist, Kelly Medford.

All during the week, artists can be spotted sketching and painting in the city’s cobbled alleyways, picturesque piazzas, lively markets and tranquil parks. When they are not drawing and painting the town, they’ll have the opportunity to meet local artisans, learn about the city’s rich history and enjoy its world-renown food and wine.

“To me, Orvieto is the perfect setting for painting,”  Medford explains. “There is an almost endless amount of beautiful subject matter here.”

On the last Saturday of the workshop (September 28) everyone in the community is invited to participate in a free, open sketching event at 10:00 on Piazza Duomo. Complimentary paper and pencils will be handed out and everyone, young and old, will be encouraged to join.  Later that evening, an open exhibition of select works by the artists will be on display for all to see beginning at 18:00 until 20:00 at Bottega Chiocca Tsarkova, Via Adolfo Cozza, 1.

“When we connect with the community”, says Medford. “Our drawings are a deeper reflection of the city’s true essence.”