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The Elixir: Journey OnThird Installment in The Elias Chronicles Book Series Available April 24

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The Elixir: Journey On
Third Installment in The Elias Chronicles Book Series Available
April 24

23 April 2024 — Richmond, VA: Prepare for the gripping conclusion of The Elias Chronicles as Elias confronts shadowy and evil forces, but what he learns about himself is worth the journey.Pen It Publications proudly presents The Elixir: Journey On, Book III of The Elias Chronicles series by E.G. Kardos.

In this book, the main protagonist, sixteen-year-old Elias, embarks on a perilous journey through the enigmatic Isle of Eahta, facing off against formidable dark forces. Guided by his trusted ally, Zoltan, a formidable sorcerer, Elias must safeguard the coveted Elixir of Life from those who seek to harness its power for malevolent purposes. Yet, amidst the chaos, Elias discovers truths about himself that will redefine his very existence.

The Elixir: Journey On is a tale of courage, friendship, and self-discovery, woven with captivating characters, enchanting creatures, and potent magic. E.G. Kardos invites readers into a world of adventure and introspection, where the true essence of heroism is revealed.

“This epic fantasy embarks on a classic hero’s journey, captivating both young readers and those young at heart,” commented Kardos, reflecting on the universal themes interwoven within the narrative. “It delves into the essence of human experience, exploring the timeless values that define us as individuals.”

 E. G. Kardos is a literary and fantasy fiction writer who is a longtime employee of Virginia Commonwealth University and a graduate of James Madison University and Benedictine College Preparatory. He draws inspiration from a lifelong passion for storytelling and artistic expression. With five published works to his name, Kardos, a native of Richmond, Virginia, continues to inspire readers with his exploration of spirituality, friendship, and the beauty of the universe.

 The Elixir: Journey On (ISBN: 978-1-63984-520-0 paperback | 978-1-63984-521-7 e-book) is available in paperback and e-book formats through Pen It Publications ( The paperback edition spans 194 pages and retails for $14.99 and the e-book for $5.99. It is available through major online booksellers worldwide and by visiting his author site at

The Elias Chronicles, is a three-book series which includes: 1) The Amulet: Journey to Sirok (Book I), where Elias uncovers his hidden powers, embracing his true identity. 2) The Rings: Journey Beneath Sirok (Book II), where Elias puts to use his newfound abilities to effect change beyond himself. 3) The Elixir: Journey On (Book III), where Elias faces his ultimate test, transcending his greatest expectations.