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Union Square Alliance Welcomes BART’s New Deployment Strategy for a Cleaner, Safer District

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Union Square Alliance Welcomes BART’s New Deployment Strategy for a Cleaner, Safer District

21 March 2023, San Francisco, CA: In a recent press conference, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced a new deployment strategy to increase safety and cleanliness on their trains and platforms. This initiative aligns with the Union Square Alliance’s strategic plan to maintain a clean, safe, and welcoming environment in the Union Square District.

BART’s new deployment strategy, outlined by BART Police Chief Alvarez, involves maximizing the visible presence of the BART Police Department throughout the transit system. The plan includes the removal of seven traditional vehicle patrols per shift, redeploying those officers inside trains, and increasing the number of officers patrolling trains per shift to 18. Furthermore, the strategy will incorporate non-sworn staff such as transit ambassadors, crisis intervention specialists, fire inspectors, and community service officers.

This initiative is a response to concerns from BART riders, who have expressed frustrations about the system’s current state. As the city and region recover, BART aims to regain the public’s trust and encourage ridership.

The Union Square Alliance, a key stakeholder in maintaining the district’s prosperity, voiced its support for the new deployment strategy. Marisa Rodriguez, CEO of the Union Square Alliance, said “A clean and safe transportation environment is vital to attracting visitors and workers back downtown.”

The Alliance focuses on enhancing the district’s appeal through initiatives such as economic development, public realm improvements, and creating events for the community to enjoy.

John Grubb, Chief Operating Officer of the Bay Area Council, also supported the new strategy, stating that a safer BART system would encourage ridership and help prevent the transit system from going bankrupt. The Bay Area Council will work with BART on officer recruitment campaigns and seek additional funding from state and federal governments.

As part of its ongoing efforts, BART is also evaluating bids for new fare gates to prevent fare evasion, demonstrating the agency’s commitment to improving the transit experience for riders and stakeholders.

About Union Square Alliance:
The Union Square Alliance serves members and creates a high-quality visitor experience by managing and activating public spaces, attracting new investment, and advocating for the district’s future success. Union Square is the vibrant heart of San Francisco, an international destination where visitors enjoy exceptional retail experiences, luxury hotels, world-class cultural institutions, and great public spaces found only in the City by the Bay. A lively 27-block community surrounding Union Square Park in the heart of San Francisco makes up the Union Square Alliance. It is bordered on the north by Bush Street, on the east by Kearny Street, on the south by Market Street, and on the west by Taylor Street. For more information on the Alliance, go to

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