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Verses vs Virus

Verses vs Virus

And it came to pass that a plague was visited upon the people of earth, a sickness the likes of which the people had never seen. 

They looked to their leaders for direction, but not only were there no leaders, there were anti-leaders, the unreal chosen people who lied for breakfast, lunch and dinner.   

Each day I awake, wishing it’s a dream

And hoping the world is not what it seems

But when I have to leave

I feel like such a thief.

If I didn’t have a mask on, I would scream!

Old blotus said you needn’t wear masks

His base found it too onerous a task.

“Do what you want,” he urged

They did and the flu surged.

Was “Stay Home, Wash Your Hands” too much to ask?

As wethepeople endureth the eighth month of a virus made worseth by the cantelope-colored fuhrer, who ignored the first three months, thinking he could bully the plague away as easily as he bullied everyone else, including Gold-star moms, Lying Lindsey and BarBar, the sycophantic elephant.

The confluence of tar-boilingly hot summer days on the beach, no face masks, no six-feet apart, and way too much beer were the perfect recipe for Covid combustion. The people played while the pandemic enveloped the country, while the president did what he does best  — he refused to talk about it and then he lied, Lied, LIED.

The curve flattening suddenly reversed

People weren’t healing, they were getting worse

The truth brought Fauci down

“You’re fired,” said the clown.

Who soon was the joke of the universe.

California conflagrations came next

Creating a whirling, flaming vortex

Which mask is best to wear

When I’m out in the air?

The decisions to make are too complex.

The trumPlague continued its assault on America, while the fires and smoke in the West showed signs of slowing. And, verily a new affliction was cast upon the land. “Unsurvivable” was how the meteorological seers described a massive hurricane working its way north, rearranging or destroying everything that was in its violent path. 

Earth, air, fire and water – the four elements essential to life – were in disharmony, which made the people feel vulnerable, especially those already vulnerable. The people took to the streets to protest a second plague: the killing of innocent, unarmed people of color by police. Out of these despicable deaths and senseless shootings, mostly of Black men, Black Lives Matter was born . . . 225 years after the U.S. was born. Shame. 

To cap this list of horrible events

The republicants met under their tent

Where white was the main hue

And lies were number two.

Vote Joe Biden for our next President!