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Former Airbnb Problem Solver Steps Out as “Solo World Wanderer”

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Former Airbnb Problem Solver Steps Out as “Solo World Wanderer”

San Francisco’s Karen Rosenblum Goes Global from Homebase in Madrid

13 February 2019 – Madrid, Spain:  There are travel experts, and then there is Karen Rosenblum. Her passion is her brand. Her name says it In a world of experts, she is, well – a world apart. For years, an executive “problem solver” for the AirBnB, Karen is now turning that worldly wisdom to good use, and helping others explore their home planet.

“The not-so-dirty-little-secret of international travel is this,” says Rosenblum, 41, in mock conspiratorial whisper. “It does not have to be expensive, and it does not have to be complicated.”

With 20 years in the professional travel industry, working for companies such as STA Travel and Airbnb, Karen’s job is just that: taking the “complicated” out of travel. While based in Madrid, Spain, Karen helps travelers plan and organize their trips nearly anywhere in the world.

“As a child I was a closet globetrotter, but now I’m out of the closet and monetizing my passion, laughs Rosenblum known to her friends as La Gringa Loca.  “I would tear apart my parents’ Sunday newspaper to find the travel section. That, when I was 15, my parents agreed to take me to Europe with the understanding that I would plan and book the entire trip.  With the help of travel guidebooks as well a trusted travel agent, I planned a trip to Madrid and Paris for my entire family.”

From that armchair genesis, Karen has visited over 60 countries and developed and cultivated a trusted cadre of international hospitality and travel partners in the process. While some ‘left their hearts in San Francisco’, Karen packed up her Bay Area corazon  and moved it to Spain.

“Spain holds a special place for this digital nomad,” says Karen, noting that one of our friends calls her ‘Spain’s biggest fan since Hemingway.’ “There is no denying that Spain and its people have stolen my heart. My passion is seeing Spain off the beaten path, the real Spain that few visitors are lucky enough to get to know. If there’s a town on the list of  ‘Spain’s most beautiful pueblos’  that I have not been to, I am scheming on how to get there.” 

As Kahlil Gibran once wrote: “Work, is love made visible.” Whether catching AVE trains from Madrid’s Atocha Station or setting up hand-crafted artisan-tours-on-a-budget, Karen has taken her passion for travel on the road and online.  

“If you want to travel, just click on me,” says the irrepressible Karen. “Whether your style of travel is super luxury or super-efficient eco-friendly backpack – solo or in a group, I’ve got an itinerary for you.”

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