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广播电视的先驱及 KTSF的所有者 Lillian Lincoln Howell去世

< P style = "text-align: center;" > < img alt = "AIDS Emergency Fund" src = "" /> < h2 > KTSF broadcast television pioneer and owner of Lillian Lincoln Howell’s death
 < h3 > 1921年2 26 – August 31, 2014 < br > < br > Asian language television will continue for the family hold
 < br > < br > Media Contacts: David Perry < br > 415.676.7007 < br > < br > < P > 2014年9 3 – San Francisco, CA: 8 On 31 May, the San Francisco Bay Area pioneer and long-term owner of the television station KTSF television industry Lillian Lincoln Howell quietly died in his home in the South Bay. She was born on February 26, 1921, at the age of 93 years old. < P > “My mother is a broadcast industry visionary people, but also a generous philanthropist,” said her son, which is the chief executive officer KTSF of Lincoln Howell said. “Her courage to take risks in this life, we created a television mission: service to underserved populations, she completed the mission, created her legendary future we will…” 
Howell was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Her father, industrialist and inventor John C. Lincoln with his mother Helen had three children, she is the eldest daughter. Her father is a pastor’s eldest son, he founded the Lincoln Electric Company in 1895. She was studying Pomona College and graduated in 1943. After graduation, she taught preschool in California, served as director of the leisure activities of children with disabilities in a Phoenix home. She married Carl Howell, has one only son Lincoln. In 1957, after the couple separated, Lillian moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area. In the mid-1960s, she learned that the US Federal Communications Commission’s market in San Francisco issued a new commercial television license. She applied for and won the US Federal Communications Commission of the license. She created a KTSF TV in 1976, designed to reflect the diversity of the Bay Area Asian American community. KTSF ownership in Howell, became the first focus of Asian and other ethnic programming language American television, providing TV programs in 12 languages. < P > KTSF began in September 4, 1976 broadcast from San Bruno Mountain, including Chinese and Japanese programs from abroad, as well as the United States show a replay. “My mother wanted to offer audiences other stations not covered,” her son said. “She committed a large number of Asian forms of the program.” At the time, only the composition of 5% Asian American population of the Bay Area. Today, Asian American population is higher than 23% of the television market. Over the years, KTSF make adjustments based on changes in population structure, we began to increase live news broadcast in Cantonese and Mandarin. < P > “Lillian Howell is unusual in that, despite her routine, to act according to their own pace, firmly pursue their faith,” said her daughter Barbara Bissell-Howell said of her. “She is not in the interests of television buy for the purpose, but to help the community. She was 90 years old when the neighboring, also continue to participate in the management of television weekly meeting. As the owner of television, she always put TV staff . The welfare in the first place ” 
Howell believes to contribute to the community through generous donations to charity, so she founded the Lillian Lincoln Foundation, for the topic she is interested in using the funds to support the production of the relevant documentary: Taiwan’s land reform, Japan primary education, and cultural exchanges elderly Swedish welfare system, small loans for Third World women, the United States and Vietnam between theater producers, and so on. < P > Howell leaving behind her son Lincoln Howell, daughter Barbara Bissell-Howell, her granddaughter Alisha Howell, and her brother David Lincoln. After a private funeral, we will hold a public memorial service.

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